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Naruto Fluff Time Shippuuden 394 & 395 Review

Yep. Never fails. Just when things getting spicy. Naruto and Sasuke is near death. Madara tearing stuff up. Now we have a flash back with Lady Tsunade. Someone please tell me this isn’t happening. Well I guess I better enjoy it.

The Chunin exams. Yep. The last one got jacked up and they basically walking us through when everyone was training. We get to see some familiar faces.

The Original OG Jiraiya!!!


Jiraiya. Nice to see him training Naruto. I mean unlike Sasuke who walk in the bush and suddenly learned a new Jutsu out of the blue. Either way watching that was nice.

Training Session!!!


Yeah ting getting real now buddy!!

Then we have the politics of the Narutoverse. Yeah buddy it is amazing to see how everyone is working together for the great ninja war. Well when you hear man like Madara is still alive you have to put aside your differences ASAP. Lady Tsunade sent out the invitation for the Chunin Exams.

This old man and he back….

Check joke. Man done start plotting and ting. But I guess that is how it is. A time to check out the competition. See who is trying to move in man territory and ting. Sand Village man looking to kill Gaara. Well Gaara look like he ain’t even scared. He like another Tupac.


These two episodes was like an appetizer. The main course should be coming soon. I can’t wait to see how Naruto gonna pull out of this mess. Until then better brace myself for the amount fluff episodes coming our way. Till then stay frosty!

Ok who is this chick….and why they keep showing her….



Naruto EPIC MADARA Shippuuden 391 Review


AWWWW YEAAHHH!!! Now we talking!!! Forget the last two episodes! Even though I am team Hinata those two episodes was a waste of time. Literally. Now this episode…THING WAS EPIC!!!!

Yep Obito doing what he does best...on his back

Yep Obito doing what he does best…on his back

Madara. This man is the embodiment of awesome. So we have Obito on his back. Not dead but can’t move. Then Karuma explained to Minato that when the Sage of Six Paths split himself up to Nine parts he was very weak but didn’t move they knew Obito wasn’t going anywhere. Then like Lazerus he wanted to bring back the fallen comrades back to life using the Rinne Rebirth. Doing the exact same thing as Nagato. It was touching to see the punk Obito trying to fix the damage he has done.


LOL DENIED! Black Zetsu in ya tank! Buh you gonna betray Madara. I tell ya thing sweet! Madara is now back to life. Now if you think he was a beast before think again! It like the scent of blood make him even more deadly! Funny thing is he is missing his eyes. Which makes sense since he gave it to Obito. Once again Black Zetsu say he is the Will of Madara incarnate. I don’t know what that means but most likely we will understand how that came to be. Either way the douche bag Sasuke jumped into battle again without anyone saying anything flinging the Ameratsu at Madara. Like really…dude you is a lvl 1 noob compared to Madara. Even though Madara eyes are closed he moving like a BOSS. Like those old school karate masters.

I will teach you Kung Fu!!

I will teach you Kung Fu!!

Madara absorbed Hasirama chakra and now controls the Sage Arts. I think now that he is alive he is much more deadly. Something about mortality buddy..Funny thing is Madara look just like Goku..hmm

Goku Madara

Look Like Black Zetsu gonna go HAM on these Man!!

Look Like Black Zetsu gonna go HAM on these Man!!

Either way it look like Black Zetsu gonna deal with Minato and Kakashi. Madara well….he gonna deal with the rest lol… This is a great episode. I can’t wait to see what is gonna happen next. So stop what you are doing and go watch this episode. I assure you will love it!!

This is a real Bad Man!!!!

This is a real Bad Man!!!!

Naruto Dr. Phil Shippuuden 387 Review


Someone slap me. Please. Naruto gonna chat the man to death. Jah man. Well lucky for us this seem to be the end of the Obito  therapy session.

Yeah that was creepy lol

Yeah that was creepy lol



So we have the tug of war session still going on. We have Naruto trying to get the man to move from the dark side to the way of the Jedi. Basically the same thing he did to Nagato. Overwhelm him with epic nagging justu. What had me rolling was when Naruto seem to be doing a genjutsu on Obito. Yeah it could of been because he was in his mind that he could manipulate what he saw but it was pretty intense seeing Naruto all up in his head. Had the man double guessing his own ideals. Finally everyone know what Obito’s true intention was. To bring back Rin. He finally admitted to being pussy whipped. This whole war break out because of Rin. Sad right.

So this is how it feels to be the side ting...

So this is how it feels to be the side ting…

So after the nagging session they finally pulled out all the tailed beasts. Obito falls to the ground. He is no longer a Ten Tails Jinchurki. Then douchebag Sasuke was quick to kill him. Don’t get me wrong. I want Obito dead like the other guy but not by Sasuke hands. He doesn’t deserve to die by his hands. Then what do you know look who pops out of the comfort zone!!


Kakashi punk ram. After Naruto and Sasuke do all the hard work he want to finish the job. Meson this man need licks! Then another twist! Minato pop in one time to stop Kakashi. Then the talking begin. Oh GOSH!! Just kill the man already!! He killed countless ninjas! Just kill him and move on….geez… Either way they gone after Madara. Now I know he ain’t gonna be swayed with the Nagging Jutsu. He is a real bad man.

One Down...Madara we coming for you!!

One Down…Madara we coming for you!!

So just to sum things up Obito on he back, Kakashi back from his vacation and Naruto nags like his mother. Oh can’t forget The Tail beast dem chilling now. The next episode it look like Dr. Phil coming back for Gaara. Sigh I think I am gonna need therapy if they keep this up. Well till the next time Stay Frosty!

Naruto Power Ranger Shippuuden 384 Review


BOSS!!! Tha is wha going on!!!! I thought these man was going to lay down and just give up. The Naruto and Sasuke team up is beyond epic! These man surpass even the Sage of Six Paths!!

Demi boy glowing ting...wha really going on

Dem boy glowing and ting…wha really going on

So yeah we have Naruto and Sasuke standing before Obito. These man start glowing and the mixing of Chakra. Then all of a sudden we have the most EPIC COMBO I have ever seen so far in the Naruto series!!!

Go Go Power Rangers!!!

Go Go Power Rangers!!!

HOLY FRAK!!!! Sasuke pull off something Madara did way back then like a BOSS!!! Ok I usually don’t big up Sasuke but that was to freaking awesome!! I was like STOP PLAYING!! Then we see Obito pull out his sword. Thing look like the human Genome. Saying how the Sage of the Six Paths formed the world with it. Yeah Yeah but didn’t he hear the Power Ranger song in the background…It is Mighty Morphin Time!!!!



That wasn’t all!! Naruto call up his buddies to help in this fight! The Man gave everyone some new threads and even Rock Lee….YES Rock Lee busting a Rasengan!!! Look I had to hold back the geek in me for a minute. I was in Pussers and man watching me like I was having a seizure.



Wha just happen?

Wha just happen?

Oh Yeah...The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Naruto and Sasuke just cut me open...sad

Oh Yeah…The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Naruto and Sasuke just cut me open…sad

So after this man get sliced up the tail beasts start to leak out. Which had me thinking how smart Naruto is. I mean we don’t give him enough credit. Once you compare him to Sasuke they tend to make him to be the dumb ninja but in reality Naruto is very smart. He gain relationships by being real. That in itself shows that Real recognize real. That being said we saw the one tail and eight tail coming in to help pull their respective tail beast out of Obito.

Obito should of just found another girl instead of bawling over Rin. Now look how these man gonna OWN you..

Obito should of just found another girl instead of bawling over Rin. Now look how these man gonna OWN you..

While all the pulling was going on Naruto and the rest of the allied Ninja Force saw into Obito’s thoughts. So we all know now that the big softy Naruto done start bawling. We know that won’t move seasick. Dude cold as ice. Anyway everyone jumped in to help and we now see the effect of unity.

"We are family" song comes to mind when I saw this..

“We are family” song comes to mind when I saw this..

This man right here....SMH

This man right here….SMH

Kakashi still chilling. Watching the fight like it was a pay per view match. He finally see Naruto and Sasuke team up and fighting together. Team 7 finally back together again. But still he need come out and fight with his friends. Now my question is where is Madara. I feel he will sneak up at the right moment and steal the spotlight. Cause we all know that dude ain’t never surprised by nothing. He plan this this for half his life. Well as you can tell I am loving this episode! I can’t wait to see how this fight comes to an end… So till next time stay frosty!

Naruto Rally Shippuuden 383 Review


Ah yes the will of fire is strong in this episode. This was one big kumbaya episode. The only thing that was missing was someone playing a tambourine.

Yep. They may be late for the party but they bringing their "A" game!

Yep. They may be late for the party but they bringing their “A” game!

So we have everyone getting all pumped up after seeing the heart and passion of Naruto’s will. Also we see  all the Kages getting on some of this action. Interesting enough everyone is pulling together and pushing forward.

Watch Obito run! Real Tool behind ya brother!!

Watch Obito run! Real Tool behind ya brother!!

We also see the epic collaboration with Naruto and Sasuke. We all know Sasuke only fighting with Naruto because he want to eliminate Obito then turn around and kill Naruto. That is how this man stay. Stab you in the back for a cookie.

All this mushy stuff ain't for me

All this mushy stuff ain’t for me

All in all we see how the enemy of my enemy is my friend theory working in full effect right now. Even Orochimaru joined in on the war. Shikimaru isn’t dead. Which is good. The power of love brought him back to life. Ugh felt like I was watching an episode of My little Pony. Nothing much here to rant about.

What him huh! Chilling patching up himself.

What him huh! Chilling patching up himself.

Kakashi lazy backside here just chilling. He patching up himself. If he had kill Obito properly all of this wouldn’t be happening. Yet we see Obito still asking Naruto why he is still fighting. All when Obito was asking Naruto those questions I thought I would of seen Madara sneak up from behind and stab him real good. Call me suspicious but I know Madara gonna turn on Obito. Just how everything looking it just seem like that will happen.

This man name Guy. He like a big kid you see him there!

This man name Guy. He like a big kid you see him there!

I won’t say this is a must see episode but it is worth a watch. I enjoyed it. Don’t want this series to come to an end but all good things must come to an end. We are slowly approaching the end of the Manga. Which means we are slowly coming to a close of one of the deepest anime I have watched in a long time. So enjoy every episode like fine wine. Till the next episode stay frosty!

Naruto Not Gon Cry Shippuuden 382 Review


This was an emotional roller coaster episode. Yes sir I promised myself I won’t cry. Yet I couldn’t help myself but shed a man tear. So much passion…. Grab a tissue for some issues.

So we have Obito standing high above watching everyone like cattle. Making everyone depress and sad. Telling everyone that fighting against him is futile. The tree sucking up chakra from everyone. Making them look like the walking dead. Then to make things more interesting Shikimaru look like he might bite the dust! This thing coming like Game of Thrones. You never know who they gonna kill of next.

Lawdy not Shikimaru!

Lawdy not Shikimaru!

So just then the First Hokage tried to get everyone to fight back. Yeah that didn’t work at all. No one ain’t want to die for no reason. So just then when you think all hope is lost guess who try to steal the spot light.

Sasuke Style

This blasted boy name Sasuke…

Look how this man want to theft Naruto thunder. He forget this is Naruto Shippuden. Not Sasuke Shippuden. Well guess what we all know Naruto ain’t gonna let this slide so easy.

Yeah Naruto ain't playing now!

Yeah Naruto ain’t playing now!

While all this epicness was going on the link was still active with the everyone in the shinobi allied force. So Naruto’s feelings was being televised in everyones mind. Which was a touching moment. Showing how Naruto suffered and loss. Also gave everyone an idea of how much he cares for his fellow ninja brothers in arms. I won’t lie. I almost shed a tear.

Another thing that happened that was kind of cool was the First Hokage shared his memories also. We saw the first Kage meeting. That didn’t really moved me cause Hashirama is a clown. He is a beast. But he does act like a clown.

Then we have the Sasuke Fan Club in full effect.

This girl literally want to lick Sasuke. Talk about a freak...

This girl literally want to lick Sasuke. Talk about a freak…

Orochimaru here just lusting over Sasuke.

Orochimaru here just lusting over Sasuke.

So we have his fans just on the side lines watching this man like he did anything. They ain’t know he was nothing but a scrub waiting for Naruto to save them all. Anyway not an issue. Right now Sasuke trying to keep up with Naruto. The man is leagues above him. I am also sad at the fact Naruto Manga will be ending soon. So watching each episode is like a countdown to the end. I know the Manga is pretty ahead of the anime but still the end is near. Also Madara seem pretty confident about his plans. He done say once the flower bloom he gonna beat Obito and take over. SOOOOOO wha going on with that. I thought they was (kinda) cool. Well it look like Obito in for a rude awakening just now. Also where the heck is Kakashi? This man cooling out for too long. Like he waiting for the war to end to come out of retirement.

This episode was good. Shows the heart of Naruto. Even the Second see the potential in Naruto. History repeats itself. Hashirama and Madara. Naruto and Sasuke. I wish it wasn’t coming to an end. Well I will enjoy the ride until the very end. So till then stay frosty!