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Naruto Dr. Phil Shippuuden 387 Review


Someone slap me. Please. Naruto gonna chat the man to death. Jah man. Well lucky for us this seem to be the end of the Obito  therapy session.

Yeah that was creepy lol

Yeah that was creepy lol



So we have the tug of war session still going on. We have Naruto trying to get the man to move from the dark side to the way of the Jedi. Basically the same thing he did to Nagato. Overwhelm him with epic nagging justu. What had me rolling was when Naruto seem to be doing a genjutsu on Obito. Yeah it could of been because he was in his mind that he could manipulate what he saw but it was pretty intense seeing Naruto all up in his head. Had the man double guessing his own ideals. Finally everyone know what Obito’s true intention was. To bring back Rin. He finally admitted to being pussy whipped. This whole war break out because of Rin. Sad right.

So this is how it feels to be the side ting...

So this is how it feels to be the side ting…

So after the nagging session they finally pulled out all the tailed beasts. Obito falls to the ground. He is no longer a Ten Tails Jinchurki. Then douchebag Sasuke was quick to kill him. Don’t get me wrong. I want Obito dead like the other guy but not by Sasuke hands. He doesn’t deserve to die by his hands. Then what do you know look who pops out of the comfort zone!!


Kakashi punk ram. After Naruto and Sasuke do all the hard work he want to finish the job. Meson this man need licks! Then another twist! Minato pop in one time to stop Kakashi. Then the talking begin. Oh GOSH!! Just kill the man already!! He killed countless ninjas! Just kill him and move on….geez… Either way they gone after Madara. Now I know he ain’t gonna be swayed with the Nagging Jutsu. He is a real bad man.

One Down...Madara we coming for you!!

One Down…Madara we coming for you!!

So just to sum things up Obito on he back, Kakashi back from his vacation and Naruto nags like his mother. Oh can’t forget The Tail beast dem chilling now. The next episode it look like Dr. Phil coming back for Gaara. Sigh I think I am gonna need therapy if they keep this up. Well till the next time Stay Frosty!

Naruto Stalker Shippuuden 386 Review


Look my trouble here buddy. This episode was another Obito crap fest. Don’t get it twisted we all knew Naruto have a way of getting inside of your head once he get in there….game over.

Obito you is one less Uchiha....

Obito you is one less Uchiha….

So nothing really here that we don’t know. I mean we have Naruto poking around Obito’s head. We got the flash backs and other times showing how goofy Obito was. Look we all know this man stupid over Rin. He is willing to put everyone under a genjutsu because he ain’t get a chance to live his life with Rin. So hopefully the next episode we get some action. Not some filler throw back story about Obito. I had enough of him.



Now to talk about something that have me really sad. The Manga is over. Naruto is done. What to do now. I know once the manga is over we have only a few episodes left. We still have One Piece, Fairy Tail, Log Horizon and maybe Sword Art Online. I mean there is a few gems of anime out there. We have Attack on Titan coming soon. Nothing will replace Naruto. Some may hate it. Some may say it isn’t worth the very ink on paper. To me it was an epic journey. One filled with laughs and adventure. Well hopefully Masashi Kishimoto brings us another anime to keep us hooked! Here is an awesome comic strip I saw over on Google Plus. Save a bowl of ramen for me to….


Naruto Power Ranger Shippuuden 384 Review


BOSS!!! Tha is wha going on!!!! I thought these man was going to lay down and just give up. The Naruto and Sasuke team up is beyond epic! These man surpass even the Sage of Six Paths!!

Demi boy glowing ting...wha really going on

Dem boy glowing and ting…wha really going on

So yeah we have Naruto and Sasuke standing before Obito. These man start glowing and the mixing of Chakra. Then all of a sudden we have the most EPIC COMBO I have ever seen so far in the Naruto series!!!

Go Go Power Rangers!!!

Go Go Power Rangers!!!

HOLY FRAK!!!! Sasuke pull off something Madara did way back then like a BOSS!!! Ok I usually don’t big up Sasuke but that was to freaking awesome!! I was like STOP PLAYING!! Then we see Obito pull out his sword. Thing look like the human Genome. Saying how the Sage of the Six Paths formed the world with it. Yeah Yeah but didn’t he hear the Power Ranger song in the background…It is Mighty Morphin Time!!!!



That wasn’t all!! Naruto call up his buddies to help in this fight! The Man gave everyone some new threads and even Rock Lee….YES Rock Lee busting a Rasengan!!! Look I had to hold back the geek in me for a minute. I was in Pussers and man watching me like I was having a seizure.



Wha just happen?

Wha just happen?

Oh Yeah...The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Naruto and Sasuke just cut me open...sad

Oh Yeah…The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Naruto and Sasuke just cut me open…sad

So after this man get sliced up the tail beasts start to leak out. Which had me thinking how smart Naruto is. I mean we don’t give him enough credit. Once you compare him to Sasuke they tend to make him to be the dumb ninja but in reality Naruto is very smart. He gain relationships by being real. That in itself shows that Real recognize real. That being said we saw the one tail and eight tail coming in to help pull their respective tail beast out of Obito.

Obito should of just found another girl instead of bawling over Rin. Now look how these man gonna OWN you..

Obito should of just found another girl instead of bawling over Rin. Now look how these man gonna OWN you..

While all the pulling was going on Naruto and the rest of the allied Ninja Force saw into Obito’s thoughts. So we all know now that the big softy Naruto done start bawling. We know that won’t move seasick. Dude cold as ice. Anyway everyone jumped in to help and we now see the effect of unity.

"We are family" song comes to mind when I saw this..

“We are family” song comes to mind when I saw this..

This man right here....SMH

This man right here….SMH

Kakashi still chilling. Watching the fight like it was a pay per view match. He finally see Naruto and Sasuke team up and fighting together. Team 7 finally back together again. But still he need come out and fight with his friends. Now my question is where is Madara. I feel he will sneak up at the right moment and steal the spotlight. Cause we all know that dude ain’t never surprised by nothing. He plan this this for half his life. Well as you can tell I am loving this episode! I can’t wait to see how this fight comes to an end… So till next time stay frosty!

Naruto Hot Sauce Shippuuden 371 Review


This is IT!! Ting bout to get real mehson!! This episode so good I think I wet myself. You wanna know why? Well lets first run down the list. BIG Reveal from Obito. Madara sense a disturbance in the force…and The Ten Tails bout to set it off!!! SO much ramen in one episode. Wha these man trying to do. My heart can’t take it!

This boy named Naruto. He mean no one else will die.

This boy named Naruto. He mean no one else will die.

So we have Naruto holding it down like a boss. The chakra he used to cover his allies is holding up but you can tell it is wearing him down. Obito seem to be more on edge than usual. I wonder if the things Naruto is saying starting to get to him. Well to be honest I don’t think Obito realize that this war he is part of have absolutely nothing to do with him. He is just a pawn in Madara chess board right now.

What is this I sense.....

What is this I sense…..



Madara sensed Hashirama chakra. Dude bout to get turnt up! You can see the excitement in his eyes! Just to know the only Shinobi capable of giving him a good fight. Madara has the edge. Basically have his corpse on his chest. Using the epic Senju powers. OOOOH my spidey senses are tingling. That fight gonna be so epic I might wet myself just watching it! The next episode need come quick!



King Kong ain't got NOTHING  ON ME!!

King Kong ain’t got NOTHING

So we have the ten tails just tearing tings up. I mean dude like he just say “turn down for what!” Then just drop the bomb. Karuma then realized that he ain’t finish yet. At this moment Naruto seemed to be really pushing himself. I mean once you see a mushroom cloud you know it was epic. Even after that Naruto still protected his friends. But at what cost. Just when you think that Naruto would give up he still had chat. LIKE A BOSS!!!

Wow. No one should be alive after that....

Wow. No one should be alive after that….

EPIC! Y'all lucky Hinata on the battlefield. That boy Naruto survived the Cataclysm

EPIC! Y’all lucky Hinata on the battlefield. That boy Naruto survived the Cataclysm

That's all you got!

That’s all you got!

Well Well!! Wha I tell you! This boy is a beast! Real bad man Naruto is! Sadly he tired now. Just when you think he about to give up his friends rallied around him. Who in front? Hinata of course. She got to protect her man of course. We already know that Naruto strength comes from his friends. Not the Nine Tails. That is what makes him so awesome.

Please don't sing the Tail Beast song....

Please don’t sing the Tail Beast song….

Hello!!!! Who or what is this!!??!!

Hello!!!! Who or what is this!!??!!

Now I don’t read the Manga but this suddenly peaked my interest. Now we see that “it” has the Rinnegan eyes. Is this a tail beast? Is it a past Shinobi? This ting had me itching to google it. But I will resist the temptation. That is the thing about this anime. Always like to fling a curve ball and just mess up whatever you think is what it seem.

These two need to just make up and kiss

These two need to just make up and kiss

Look I done with these two man mehson. Kakashi need to just kill this man and get it over with. Obito is a lost case. Look this man revealed something we thought he didn’t know. He knew Rin killed herself. He knew that she only did what she did to save the Hidden Leaf Village. I won’t spoil it for you guys but all in all Kakashi need to make up his mind about Obito. Don’t make sense to save a man that rather live in a fantasy world. Like what the frak you talking about!?! This world is a delusion. Crack head talk coming out his mouth made me just SMH.

This episode is beyond awesome. This thing need to be framed and put in a museum. So much content to digest is ridiculous. This episode end at such a cliffhanger I could of screamed! I mean it is just mean to do such a thing to a person.Then to top things off we have a little teaser. Boy tings bout to get REAL! Till then stay frosty!!!



Naruto “The Weakest link” Shippuuden 360 Review


I won’t bore you with this episode. Don’t get it twisted it was a good episode. Just another step into the mind of Kakashi. Sadly it is a twisted mind. The darkness runs deep in this man.


As usual Kakashi is ignoring his friends. They are really good friends. Cause if that was me I would of done stop checking for this man. So the Lord Third made him a teacher. He went from a stone cold killer to a primary school teacher. Yeah talk about a complete shift in lifestyle. Although they all lost friends some how Kakashi still holding on. Like he can’t just accept they are dead.


Another flash back. Sigh someone slap me now…

So as you know Kakashi is having a hard time deciding if he is the right man for the job. With past mistakes hounding him and double guessing himself we found ourselves just as confused as he was. One of the flash backs was almost reminiscent of three young ninjas that we know now. Obito is Naruto. Kakashi is Sasuke. Rin is Sakura. One big happy messed up family. Intersting enough Sasuke tried to kill Sakura. Just like Kakashi killed Rin. He even taught Sasuke the move that killed her. That is some Shakespeare stuff.


  It is almost like it was destined to happen.

Kakashi thought that Minato didn’t see their teamwork. Although Kakashi only used them to get the goal he didn’t even realized that he was taking lead. He is a natural born leader. It was funny to see how goofy Obito was. Act just like Naruto. Wanted to be Hokage. Loved Rin. I mean he is the Uchiha version of Naruto. Sad to know that fun loving child is so evil now.

As Kakashi test the young graduates he realizes that many of them lack the very skills needed to be great teammates. He promised himself that he won’t pass anyone that isn’t up to par.

vlcsnap-2014-04-25-01h13m09s182 You all are the weakest link. You all FAIL!

After failing a few more  graduates his friends and even the Lord Third begin to question if Kakashi is ready to lead any of the graduates. Even I thought about how stern he was. Like any teacher you begin to doubt if you are getting through to the students. Even Gai heard the rumors of how hard he was on the students.


We will not give up! We will pass. Come on guys lets give him our best shot!!


Hiyeah! Hmph and they still pass. Kakashi would of failed them for being weak!

So as the episode dragged along we see how even though Kakashi was very strict he was still able to help the students he failed to be much better. So like any happy ending Kakashi have found his niche as a teacher. To be honest I was kinda bored with this episode. It was good but I kinda knew this was going to happen. So this was one of those episodes that they have to show. This episode is just building up to something. I can feel it. Why so much back story on Kakashi. There must be an end game. I just don’t want to die of boredom first.


Thank you for failing us. We now greet random people.


Thank you for failing us. Now we don’t depend on our brother.

The next episode we see the team we all know and love are being put together. It would be like watching the first few episodes of Naruto all over again. Am I looking forward to it. Yes. Why? Cause I am an epic fanboy and love to see anything relating to Naruto. SO BRING IT! Until then stay frosty folks!

Naruto Ah Hell Shippuuden 345 Review


This episode….wow. I know sometimes these flashback episodes can be good for information but this one was deep. Now I understand Obito’s hatred.


We begin with Obito talking to two clay type humanoids. Pure comedy. I couldn’t stop smiling on how much these dudes remind me of saturday night live. interesting enough I can see how Tobi came into play. You know Obito before he revealed himself as Madara. Dude was fascinated with poop.



Soon I will be strong enough to leave and be with my girlfriend! EYE OF THE TIGER!



While Obito was in this special cave he concentrated all of his strength to become stronger. Watching him train all I heard in my mind was the song from Rocky, Eye of the Tiger. You know it was like he was focused and ready to go. Ready to go see his friends. Sadly for Obito being in the friend zone was about to get real.


Yo my boy Rin and Kakashi in trouble dread..

One of the clay type clones gave Obito the news about Rin and Kakashi. So you know he sprung into action. As you know he wasn’t strong enough. So one of the clones wrapped himself around him. Like a Guyver suit. This is when things got real….


I will save Rin and Kakashi and finally get me a kiss from Rin!


Big man leh me tell you this. You in the friend zone for life. When you come back then we gonna talk about Tsuki No Me. Also while you out bring me a Red Bull..

Even Madara done know what he is about to see. I have a good idea what he will see but I didn’t know it was going to be so epic. Not only do he hate Kakashi and despise his relationship with Rin being in the friend zone he had a front row seat to her death. Yes Kakashi put his hand right through her. Why I don’t know. All I know Obito didn’t like that one bit.








Dude went ham on these man. Literally saw red. You know when you hear that ominous music things are about to get ugly. FAST. Awakened his sharigan and saw her death as the tipping point. Not only did he hate Kakashi, he hated the world he was living in. So now looking back at what made him go crazy was easy. His imaginary girlfriend died. He blames Kakashi for it. He blames ninjas for it. He blames everyone for it. So his hatred has blossomed. Now it is only a matter of time for us to see how deep the rabbit hole goes. Till then stay frosty!