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Naruto Real Tool Shippuuden 379 Review


Mehson! This episode is nothing but pure real tool!! Only the strongest can jump in this fight. Imagine if the past Hokage dem didn’t come through? Murder in the place! Obito would of been cleaning up shop all now! Once again Tobi”flipping”Rama showing us why he is smarter than the average bear!! REAL TOOL I TELL YA!


So we find out not only did Tobirama was the father to many of the different Jutsu we see being used right now but the Flying Rajin and other techniques used by the fourth Hokage originated with Tobirama. Also we realize where Naruto got his goofiness from. Just like he father always coming up with crazy names for jutsus. Dude is a comedian. All jokes aside Obito getting on rude right about now. This man is a sage of the six paths. REAL TOOL! No one can hold him down.

Wait even the Reanimated have no chance against him!!!

Wait even the Reanimated have no chance against him!!!

I was wondering why Minato wasn’t growing back his arm. It seems that if Obito strike the reanimated Hokages they will stay dead. So…… Lord Third is dead. LOLZ look comedy now. They thought they was indestructible. Well Well the plot has thickened. So how to take down Obito buddy. This man ain’t getting hit by anything they throw at him. Then like a boss Naruto TURN UP!!!

LOL I tell ya Naruto like ting.

LOL I tell ya Naruto like ting.

So at that moment while I was laughing I start to think about how these man gonna hit him. They basically threw everything at this man. Even when they combined their attacks which in my opinion was beyond epic. I was sure they at least knocked him down a few levels.

Watch it! Combined attack again!!

Watch it! Combined attack again!!

Very rare moment. Sasuke and Naruto smiling together..

Very rare moment. Sasuke and Naruto smiling together..

Even after all of that nothing. Not even a dent. That would of taken down the baddest man at their level. Sadly Obito is way beyond their level. These man need to analyze the situation. Who will think on their toes and find “an opening”? We all know Tobirama is smart. Also sasuke is smart. Although Sasuke is a major douchebag. Lord Second been dead to long and ain’t up to the times. We all know Lord Fourth ain’t the best tactician right now. He having regrets right now about Obito. Which in all honesty is still a lost case. I thought after becoming a Sage he would put aside childish things about Rin and move on. Nope. Still pissing about Rin. So who gonna step up and do what no one can do right now.

That's right. Naruto isn't as dumb as most people have him to be!

That’s right. Naruto isn’t as dumb as most people have him to be!

Just like that he found an opening using Sage Mode!!! I tell you this man got SKILLS!! Uchiha depend on dem blasted eyes. Naruto depends on his wit and smarts! Once he saw the Toad spit sliding off the Black thing he done know what time it is. Like a boss he fold up Obito like the punk he is. That is right Obito! Take dat in ya skin. Rin ain’t giving you no pum tonight! CAUSE SHE DEAD! So anyway there was another bad man fight in this episode.

War of the Giants!

War of the Giants!

As I said before this episode was about Real Tool. Madara VS Hashirama. Anybody get in the middle of that is instant death. These man ain’t no joke. Although they may be from the Old School they still in another league. Had the man dem on the side feeling like scrubs. Which in reality dem man is scrubs. Which had me laughing.

People! Small ting does poke hard still!

People! Small ting does poke hard still!

After the little speech the scrub dem felt good. Sadly they ain’t up to that level yet. They need stay on the side and watch. Cause the grown ups are fighting. Wait! There is MORE! Yes when I say REAL TOOL I wasn’t joking. While Naruto was impressing everybody with his epic skills Minato was having a conversation with someone……



Hold up!!!! The other half of the Nine Tails talking to Minato. He look demonic….AND EPIC!!! Watch how they link up in the next episode!!! I literally jumped out my seat when I saw this. Imagine the full power of the Nine Tails in Naruto!!!!! BOOM!!! Sasuke could suck an egg with he foolishness!!!! Buh he want to be Hokage… Big Man you don’t have the heart like Naruto to do such a ting! This series got me foaming at the mouth with epicness and eagerness. Every Thursday I seeing something new. If you don’t watch Naruto then this is the time to watch it.

Naruto Sage Shippuuden 378 Review


Fellow Naruto fans I apologize for the late blog. Been busy with training at work and didn’t get to have the time. Also this episode was to awesome to just rush off. I had to really dig deep in this episode. So lets start where it left off. Obito just became the ten tails jinchuuriki. YES I know right! Dude in beast mode now!

No Flipping Way... Lucky for me I am already dead..

No Flipping Way… Lucky for me I am already dead..

So you know the Allied ninja Force in some hot sauce now. Not only is he faster but now more deadly. The reanimated Hokages rush in to check out what this new crack head version of Obito can do. We see the Hokages jumping into action like the Avengers. Quickly the First Hokage pointed out the obvious. They ain’t no match for him. The Second Hokage Tobirama went on like a bad man. Alas…. his badness was nothing. Next up the Third Hokage. Let me say Hiruzen is pretty sharp for an old man. He quickly analyzed the fighting tactics one time. Although it seemed that Obito isn’t himself. Since the jinchuuriki process wasn’t done fully we have a primitive version of Obito attacking everything he see.

Hmm I wonder....

Hmm I wonder….



Not the whole SAGE OF SIX PATHS!! Not that punk boy name Obito who was pissing like a lil girl buh Rin and ting. Look joke now. So Obito is a sage now. But right now he don’t know it yet. Which spells trouble for Naruto and the gang. And guess who gonna get a taste of this new epic power this man got..

Yep he try to attack Naruto and look ting the douch bag Sasuke protected him..

Yep he try to attack Naruto and look ting the douch bag Sasuke protected him..

Just when I thought this episode couldn’t give me anymore surprises I get this. Sasuke helped Naruto. Yes this epic douche bag of a friend who tried to kill this man countless times protected him. Now we all know that Sasuke always is a douche bag. Nothing can change that. But every now and again he does something that defy even me. Well it just goes to show there is hope for him. Either way we see that Obito is slowly losing it.

Look like he got that virus...

Look like he got that virus…

Obito losing himself to the Ten Tails. Painful process....

Obito losing himself to the Ten Tails. Painful process….

We see that Obito is being torn apart. Literally by the Ten Tails. I guess for him to be one with the Ten tails he must be the dominate force. Once again we see Rin taking center stage. Look I don’t understand how one girl is so important to this man. I mean she never said she liked him. Much less slept with him. Yet we have this man using her as his 1up mushroom. Sigh anyway we see how the power of “make believe love” make him a stronger man.

Oh don't forget about Madara. He still itching for a fight with Hasirama!

Oh don’t forget about Madara. He still itching for a fight with Hasirama!

This man name Madara. He is like a pandora box. He like he got something up his sleeves all the time. He said earlier he has a trump card. I wonder what that can be. Cause he ain’t even flinch when he see Obito become a jinchuuriki. I guess he have a plan for that. Right now he want to fight Hashirama. Which makes no sense seeing that both of them are reanimated dead zombies. Wha he going to do kill him some more. Madara just being childish right now. I think he just want to fight for fun. Well we will see what happen.

There you have it. The power of make believe love made him a sage...

There you have it. The power of make believe love made him a sage…

People I couldn’t stop gasping. I think the amount of times that I thought I knew everything this blasted anime keep me on my toes! Watch chubble now! This man is in full control. He like dem old Chinese masters with the the long beards. Dude bumped up to Neo status. There is no spoon. Man come out the matrix. That is it! Game over Naruto! Just sit down with your reanimated daddy and have some ramen. Obito is a flipping sage now. I hope Orochimaru can reanimate Rin cause that is the only way yall gonna survive. Also where is Kakashi? It like after he fought with Obito he taking a break in the “other room” Mehson he need to see this epicness that is Obito now. I know when he come out he gonna wish he had kill him real good. You see that is why in Naruto you better cut off the head. It seem that is the only way to kill man in this ting. Well so far ting heating up and I want more! Traning is over and I am gonna be back on track. Blake got those Fan Expo 2014 videos on our Youtube page Carib Gamer. So I will get that review of that awesome trip up and live! Anyway the next episode looking to be epic. So stay frosty till then!!!


Naruto Gigantic Shippuuden 374 & 375 Review

Hey fellow Naruto fans! Sorry for the absence. Was in Canada having a blast. I have a treat just for you guys at the end. Well more of that later. These two episodes had me squealing like a little girl! Lets start at 374!


These man moving like the Sanin back in the day. Watching how everything moving only one can wonder what else could happen. All I know the ten tails bout to get PWND!


Yep the Sanin from back in the day. Tsunade, The real pimp Jiraiya and Vybes Cartel cousin Orochimaru. These man was the bad click in the day.

The plan was simple. Get close enough to cause damage to the Ten tails. Only thing is the millions of henchmen horde protecting him. Yeah no problem at all. Team 7 got this. Easy!



Jutsu so beautiful it brought a tear to Sakura’s eye.


BOOM! All in he tank!!!

So Just like the real first strike to the Ten Tails was made. One thing I must say about that douchebag Sasuke he complement Naruto very nicely. Somehow watching this episode I felt that Sasuke have (as usual) alternative agendas. Watching the Ten Tails burn must of felt good for the Ninja alliance. Oh did I mention while they watching the barbeque they getting heal up from Sakura. Yeah she turn up now. Can do all kinda ting now. I still don’t like her flat chest ram.

vlcsnap-2014-09-04-14h39m26s149 So we have Orochimaru and the gang gone looking for the rest of the Kages. Finally I get to see what really happened to them. Well to my surprise dem ain’t dead. Madara I am disappointed in you. How is it you ain’t finish the job.


This is it. Tsunade was cut in half. Was still able to summon the slug. Save the rest of the Kages while the other half of her body somewhere chilling. How in the world do you stay dead in this anime. It like you have to literally be thrown in a bottomless pit like Jiraiya. Buddy I am speechless. Now these man come reattach her bottom half and Karin let her get bite to bring her back life. What the frak is going on here. Well either way we have Lady Tsunade is back. Once she caught her bearings she realized Orochimaru is not only alive but helping her. Once again he is helping her because of Sasuke. This man like little boys. Real talk. There was a little nice flash back. Worth checking out. But we ain’t got time fi dat. We want to know what a gwan with the ten tails. So lets jump right to episode 375!


Ok I ain’t wasting no time. Right here we see the douchebaggery! This little punk name Sasuke. Naruto tell this man to ease up on the flames and he say no. Let them burn. This little punk! Mehson if I was Naruto I would of use the big yellow hand a park he two big slap. Naruto stronger than you and you giving him lip! Boss you lucky Naruto like man. Would have been on like donkey kong! Just when these man was about to fight it out the ten tails detached the piece that was burning up. Then right then that boy named Sai realized wha going on. He knew that punk can’t be trusted. Even Shikimaru saw through the whole back together again crap.


This blasted girl is a ninja rat! Sai and Shikimaru done see the darkness in Sasuke and she like a real skettle bang buh “He is here and I am Happy” Mehson she beyond saving. I done with this skank.

So we back with these two man. Obito doing all kinds of Genjutsu on Kakashi like that make sense. Yall need just fight and get it over with. So after a nice scene with dem scrapping it out Obito is mortally wounded in the same hole that he used in the Genjutsu. Either way Obito lose and like a punk he run away.


This is when things got real. When Obito plopped on the floor and Madara saw him it was time. Madara decided to do the Rhinne Birth. Finally we see the real reason Madara kept Obito around. Talk about getting the middle finger. Interesting enough the other side of him look like the black zetsu. Call me crazy but I think there is a connection there. Also we see he has no control over his body. So it look like it was a race to kill Obito.






I tell y’all Naruto Father is a beast! That Flying Rajin is real tool. We learned that once marked you marked for life. We got a cool scene where it almost look like Obito had come to his senses. But I was wrong. Just when I thought Obito would just die he pull another trick. Nobody in this anime ever just die…well only the real good ones die.


Oh look at that… Obito and the ten tails sitting in a tree…


E.P.I.C I can hear the song in the background… Turn Down for What!

This is wha I talking bout! Obito done level up like Goku and about to lay the smack down on these man. Will the Past Hokages, Present Hokages, Allied Ninja Force and Team 7 can defeat Madara and this hot mess called Obito. This is going to be sweet!!

Now I told you guys I have a treat for y’all. So we call every thursday Naruto Thursday. Where we eat ramen. So usually I buy the store bought ramen. Well while I was in Canada I went down to Chinatown and got me some real authentic ramen. YES That is right!


Thing went down so good!!! I can see why Naruto go crazy for this Ramen. If you want to know I had the Shoyu Ramen with sweet corn. My God I had an orgy in my mouth with each bite. Sorry for being late with the reviews but limited access to internet was the villian. So hopefully me eating authentic Ramen make up for it lol. Next Thursday we in for a treat. September 11th 2014 the latest Naruto game coming out. The next episode seem to be a filler. But a special filler. Ting got my spidey senses tingling!



Naruto Team 7 Shippuuden 373 Review


This episode was nostalgia! Point and case! We had all the teams strutting dem stuff! Sadly it took only one dude to stir such emotions. That blasted boy name Sasuke. As much as I don’t like him he did bring back a piece to the puzzle that was missing for a long time.

The gang is back together again!

The gang is back together again!

Like nothing changed between those two. They still see each other as rivals. While the fight was going on both of them was checking out each others strength. As if they know once this war finish they will have to trash it out. I ain’t gonna lie I got my money on Naruto. As soon as daddy give him the other half of the nine tails it gonna be on like donkey kong!

That gotta hurt....

That gotta hurt….

This was comedy. The Ten Tails seem to don’t have a brain. He in a barrier and thought he could blast his way out. Well it back fire and he hit himself. Pure comedy. That is like shooting a gun in a steel room. Just then as the Hokage sent out his clones to allow the allied ninja force to attack the Ten Tails while it is under manners went to Madara to attack him. Now this relationship between Hashirama and Madara is a funny one. It is like they are happy to see each other once again. Just to kill each other….once again. Crazy but interesting. But Madara ain’t fighting no clone. He want the real deal. I ain’t give him no wrong. Why fight a carbon copy when the real thing right there. Ain’t nothing like the real ting baby….

Boss get from here! Me nah fight no clone boss!

Boss get from here! Me nah fight no clone boss!

Ten Tails got clones of his own! LET THE WAR BEGIN...again.....

Ten Tails got clones of his own! LET THE WAR BEGIN…again…..

Since the team got back together we have Sakura reminiscing on how weak she is. I really don’t like her. She was a pest back then and still is one. Ok I will give her credit….she strong like the hulk. To boot she look like she done went and theft the same abilities as the 5th Hokage. God rest her soul. I wonder if they will ever show us what happened to them. I mean I guess they are as good as dead. Seeing how we haven’t heard of them after Madara showed up with Obito. So anyway we see how she was a blight to Naruto from day one. How he had to protect her all the time and still won’t give him no nookie. Even after he saved her from that punk name Sasuke that skank still want to be on his dick. I tell ya dem hoes ain’t loyal.

Look ting! She bust a "Bus Driver" uppercut!

Look ting! She bust a “Bus Driver” uppercut!

Check Naruto buddy... He done see Sakura is a butch...stick to Hinata my boy!

Check Naruto buddy… He done see Sakura is a butch…stick to Hinata my boy!

It wasn’t only Team 7 getting on rude! The rest of the other Hidden Leaf Ninjas had to show off also. It was an epic showing. It felt it was atrade show and everyone was showing off their latest tech. From Kiba doing a shadow clone Jutsu and using it to create a three headed wolf! If that will be in the new Naruto Game I done see he will be OP (over powered). Then the one inch beetle punch from Shino was epic. These man does be holding back.

Yep. A three headed dog transformation.

Yep. A three headed dog transformation.

Infestation... That is one deadly punch!

Infestation… That is one deadly punch!

You know I am Team hinata and I had to talk about my girl! She ain’t letting that boobless skank sakura one up her. She had to remind Naruto what time it is. Hopefully that boy will sort out. Until then I rooting for you Hinata!

Don't worry Hinata... You gonna get him...

Don’t worry Hinata… You gonna get him…



Everyone was pulling out the stops. Things was looking on the up and up until the momentum started to slow down. They had to formulate a plan. Well just when I thought things couldn’t be more turn up. These man went and went up another notch! TEAM 7 IS REAL TOOL!



These man ain’t playing! This episode had me grinning from ear to ear! Talk about an action packed episode. This one going down as one of my favorites. It wasn’t as epic as the fight with Pain but she up there for best show! If you have been following this series like me it is impossible to say you are not excited to see Team 7 once again. The same rivalry is there between Naruto and Sasuke. One thing I must say it is satisfying to see Naruto happy. All he wanted was his family back. Not to mention his dad is fighting alongside with him. Which in actuality was accomplished because of Sasuke. So thank you Sasuke. I still don’t like you.

Concluding this episode we didn’t get to see Obito and his boyfriend Kakashi. Probably still talking like two parrot. Good for them. We also still don’t know what happened to the Kages. Are they dead? Are they half dead? Well when we get back to them then we will know. I can’t wait for the next episode. I will be in Canada at the Fan Expo. So expect a special treat for that review. So till then stay frosty!





Naruto Epic Episode Shippuuden 372 Review


Awesome. This episode was awesome. Finally some closure. Everything that I wanted to see happened. I literally screamed like a little girl. No lie. Nearly wet myself. I was that excited. Lets dig in!


If we die we die doing our best!!

So we have Naruto being healed by Sakura. One healthy good speech and everyone was ready to die. Literally. The ten tails wasn’t playing. He like he was tired of all this nonsense. So his spirit bomb version of the tail beast bomb was formed and ready to destroy everyone. Just then Shikamru thought of a plan. To have everyone create a mud wall. Weak as it may be but was a good idea.

This look like a love song

This look like a love song video…lol

Like Dominoes they all fall..

Like Dominoes they all fall..

Eight tails is one tough cookie!

Eight tails is one tough cookie!

Just when you think these man was gonna die the eight tails jumped infront of the bomb. Now this is one tough dude. He putting in his all! I thought he was gonna sacrifice himself but like a flipping boss Minato roll through!!


Talk bout an entrance!!

Talk bout an entrance!!

BOOM! Holy crap yes! That is what I talking about! REAL FREAKING TOOL! This man is so fast that he was able to place a Kunai in the middle of the ocean far away from everyone then send the bomb over there and still have time to chat with his son. DUDE DIDN’T EVEN LOOK TIRED DOING IT!


She well know she ain't Naruto Sweet ting

She well know she ain’t Naruto Sweet ting

Now this part piss me off like hell. This flat chest monkey child named Sakura. Why Naruto still claiming that good for nothing hefer as his girlfriend is beyond me. Not to mention she ain’t never lay down her life for Naruto. NOT ONCE. Who was there everytime. Hinata. That is right. Team Hinata for life. One day that boy will come around. So evidently Naruto sensed them when he was in the nine tails form. So nothing is hidden from him. Which is interesting. But enough of that once the rest of the Hokage landed it was time for business!




Mehson stop calling my name! Deal with you later!

Mehson stop calling my name! Deal with you later!

Then out of no where Madara was itching for a fight! Like a child the First sort him out. Let him know what time it is. I telling you mehson I was on the floor! These man so epic how these man dead. Well they set their sights on the ten tails cause he wanted blood. Once again the Fourth Hokage done prepared his Kunai. When he did it I don’t know but he so fast I wouldn’t doubt he did it before talking to Naruto. Once these man took their position Ten Tails ain’t had no hope!

Here we go again...

Here we go again…

Once you hear the cowboy music you done know what that means. That blasted arrogant punk named Sasuke intro music. Sigh…. This man drop down like run the show. We done know Sakura breath done get taken away. Like a prostitute who thought her pimp was dead stood still as she watched him. Naruto done know what time it is. THANK GOD he didn’t walked over by Sasuke and kissed him. The way he was chasing him all those years I thought Naruto would of came out the closet right then and there. I am so glad I was wrong.


I will be the next Hokage....

I will be the next Hokage….



Like the punk he is he declared he will be the next Hokage. Seriously dude. I mean that make sense? I mean if you said you will look woman and mass reproduce the Uchiha clan then yeah. I can flex with that. But to not even say sorry to your friends after trying to kill EVERYONE IN THE VILLAGE would be a start. We all know Naruto gonna be the next Hokage if there is a village left to save after this war. Either way I wasn’t the only one that thought him saying that made any sense.

sigh.....this again...

sigh…..this again…

I couldn’t end this episode without first talking about the “Bromance” between Kakashi and Obito. I am sick of this. These two man need to kill each other and get it over with. No one cares Obito. Just die already. This whole new idea sound like a cult and he trying to make everyone drink the kool-aid. Just because you don’t get things done your way you start this war. Well two of them lock up in a room chatting away. Look someone better be dead once they done talk.


Minato like smoke that weed....

Minato like smoke that weed….

Yo!!! Minato who need pass that dutchi pon the left hand side!!

Yo!!! Minato who need pass that dutchi pon the left hand side!!



This episode was so epic I think I jizzed all over my keyboard. Especially when I saw Minato in the Nine Tails Kyuubi form. OMG!!!! Are you kidding me! The other half of the nine tails was locked up in him!!! Imagine when he give it back to Naruto!!!! IT WILL BE MASS in the place! Then watch how team seven link back up. Sakura look like she pulling out the inner dragon now. She stepping up her game. I done see she will be whooping all kinds of butt. So my fellow Naruto fans. It has finally happened. The team is back together again. If Kakashi wasn’t playing house with Obito he would have been able to witness the epicness that is happening. Yep! My friends we finally got closure to the NAruto and Sasuke saga. Now they are back together again. I guess I can tolerate that punk for a minute….nah team Naruto all the way! I done put in my vote for Naruto to be Hokage! Well I can’t wait for the next episode! I to hyped up!!! Grrr but I guess we have to stay frosty till then!

Naruto The Dream Shippuuden 369 Review


This my friends was worth the wait. The conclusion to the First Hokage story. A very nicely done episode. Had everything that make for a great drama series and enough action that even Chuck Norris can approve of. So what are we waiting for lets dig in!

Two friends achieved their dream!

Two friends achieved their dream!

Ah yes the calm before the storm. War comes in many shapes and form. You ask why I say that. Well look at this story. We have two friends that had to overcome a feud between two faction that been fighting for God knows how long. So we have hatred that has been passed on from generation to generation. Then it took an act of selflessness to end the feud. A village that no longer have to worry about killing. A village that finally changed the way of life for every one. So what can change this peace. What can tip the balance to such serenity.

Tobi-flipping-rama....This boy right here racist.

Tobi-flipping-rama….This boy right here racist.

 Yep. War is like a virus. Once infected it is hard to get rid of it. One have to do a clean install. You see Tobirama has been infected. He hates the Uchiha clan. Madara knows it. Hashirama wanted to make Madara the Hokage. In all honesty I know it wouldn’t fly with the rest of the people of the village. Yet Hashirama was willing to be the bigger man and make it right with his friend. Sadly Tobirama don’t see it that way. Which brings me the other face of war. Politics. It hides behind red tape. Allows people like Danzo which let me point out was under the tutelage of none other you guessed it Tobirama. Danzo orchestrated the death of a whole clan. It seem that the seed of war was planted deep. Springing forth every decade or so. Either way Madara got the message. Loud and clear.

Madara listened to the conversation between Tobirama and Hashirama while talking about Madara. The broken leaf signify the begining of the end of a friendship that could of been so much more..

Madara listened to the conversation between Tobirama and Hashirama. The broken leaf signify the beginning of the end of a friendship that could of been so much more..

This episode is very important. Many may think that this anime is empty and lack depth. This episode is a great example of how deep the rabbit hole goes. Hashirama and Madara story is similar to Naruto and Sasuke. Many including me would of given up on Sasuke. Not Naruto. He saw him as a friend. Even when Sasuke never respected him as one. Which in the same instance wanted to kill Naruto. Yet Naruto still have faith that he can change him. This episode brought everything back 360. We understand the Hidden Leaf Village is more than a village. It is a dream of peace. The Dream of many key persons who died hoping change can be made. To erase the hate and prepare a future. This is so true for us. Hashirama and Madara had a dream of peace. The same can be said for Martin Luther King. He stood up against Hate. Funny Madara had the same idea but wanted to force everyone under a spell and control our dreams. Which will bring peace but not through our own will.

Dem eyes....yep. He bout to set it off!

Dem eyes….yep. He bout to set it off!

So just like that war started once again. This time friend against friend. Which I know made it much harder for Hashirama. The same man that helped him bring peace to a warring nation. Yet carried the burden of his clan and still failed them. He was exiled and fought to find himself in a world that saw him as a cancer. Madara fueled by hate did what he thought had to be done. To kill the only man he knew that was as strong as him.

The Epic battle!

The Epic battle!

This episode had to come to an end though. We understand much more about this war that is so epic! I don’t know how anyone who is a fan who isn’t hyped right about now. Each episode brings us closer to each character than before. Who will be next to die? Who will be brought back to life? Will we see the next match up between zombie Madara vs zombie Hashirama? I mean things are definitely heating up! The next episode we will get an answer from Sasuke. To be honest I don’t care to much about what he thinks. After listening to the first Hokage it doesn’t matter what he thinks. This man is a flipping beast. Man single handily owned the nine tails like he was a kitten. THE FREAKING NINE TAILS! And still had enough chakra to fight Madara. Let me see any other ninja do that except for the sage of the six paths.



Anyway sorry for the late review. I had it baking in my computer but after watching the episode I had to sit down and collect my thoughts. This episode reminds me that through all the killing in the east and useless waste of lives being lost there is hope. I won’t pick sides. I will be the one like Hashirama and choose the side for the future without killing someone to see my point. For once Naruto can teach us something. I hope you loved this episode as much as I did. I know I wrote more than usual but sometimes I can’t help myself. Stay frosty!!