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The Struggle with Destiny

Check this. Woke up this morning like every other day. Woke up. Said my prayers. Brushed my teeth. Kissed my wife. Ate breakfast and went to work.

While at work I did my daily duty like every other work day. Recently got an iPhone 6. If you know me I been an avid Android Fanboy. So right now testing this I6. You know to write up a review about my experience.

So I saw a conversation on Facebook by Dwayne about Amber Rose and Khloe Kardashian. Now don’t attack me but I don’t know any of those people. I know that Kim Kardashian is the chick who had a sex tape. So I put two and hoe together and firgured that is her sister. But Amber Rose eluded me. So I asked Siri.

Interesting enough I said this is an odinary chick. What is so special about her. So I did a google search.

HOLY SWEET JESUS. That is what going on! Then as I saw all that it hit me….Today is Tuesday. Destiny reset. Time to do the Nightfall missions. I don’t know how Destiny and Amber Rose sweet body comes together but I do know one thing. Destiny got me hooked. At that moment I could of cared less about that stupid beef between Amber and that other chick.. Once I remembered what today was I called my squad and started the plan for the run tonight. Everything else was secondary.

So of you are like me and usually play destiny just for the Daily missions. Then on Tuesdays for the Weekly and Nightfall Strike missions. Destiny is your crack and Xur is your dealer. Embrace it.

House of Wolves Destiny Leak

House_of_Wolves_DLC Just last night I was wondering about the next DLC for Destiny. Don’t mind all the negative comments about the game. There are people still playing it. Yes I am a Destiny junky. I just can’t stop playing the blasted game…

Since Destiny decided to fix the glitches with the Crota Raid I may be stuck at lvl 31 for a hot minute. Which got me thinking. When is the next DLC coming. Cause we all know most likely things will be reseting once again for weapons and new lvl 32 gear being sold. Then like christmas a leak was posted on the good ole internet.


As you can see the exotic guns so far is crap. Just like some of those exotics from the Crota expansion. Yes No Land Beyond I am talking about you.

The most dumbest Exotic Sniper Rifle. Hands down this gun is a waste of pixels.


What really peaked my interest is the Raid. This time around I pray to all God that there won’t be no stupid puzzles. Stand here, Jump here, Poop here… I just want to kill stuff. Already reached a point of fustration with the random drops. Many times I need gear and all I get is Shards and Energy. Seriously I need the gear first then upgrade material Bungie…. Either way looking at this little leak got me preparing for the next DLC. I wonder what will be after that. Will there be another game? Will there be a Destiny 2? Will they release another set of exapnsions and make us pay more for those? Will they expand on the all ready stupid story that we all hate? I mean no one really reads those Gilmore cards.

I know I may sound like I hate the game but I really do enjoy the game. I love the atmosphere of the game and the excitment every time tuesday and friday comes around. I was hoping to see a third sub class added. Maybe even a trading patch. Shoot even if they can add a Raid Match making that would be just wonderful. So Check out the pic and see what you may hopefully get from Xur or a random drop!


My Destiny Addiction


Destiny. A game that had high expectations that fell flat once released. Yet everyday I found myself playing the same missions, raids and strikes over and over. Everyday I look forward to get one of the many random drops for having absolutely no skill whatsoever. Don’t start me up with the randomness of the loot. My God the rage is real!

Dude got an exotic Gun for doing absolutely NOTHING! Yep that is Destiny Logic.

Dude got an exotic Gun for doing absolutely NOTHING! Yep that is Destiny Logic.

Some would argue with me about getting the good stuff. There is one formula my friend Blake told me that will guarantee me epic loot. Your ready for it…. TIME x GRIND = EPIC LOOT. I especially don’t have the time. Literally have to play constantly to get the good stuff. Also lets not go into the crucible. The way it is set up now is very noob friendly. The crucible basically gives lower lvl’d characters a chance to win by making high lvl’d gear capped off so the true damage and shield numbers are not enough to destroy the competition. Many players seeking to test their true strength with their lvl’d up gear need to wait for the Iron Banner that comes ever so often. Then there is the Metacritic score.


With scores like that who would want to play this subpar game. I would. You know why. Bungie may have done a horrible job with the story. They may have fudged the script to the point where you want to strangle your ghost so he doesn’t say anything.


Then there is the connection errors. So help me God if I see another “Bee” error…..YEAH anyway they need fix that ASAP. Nuff time man be in a bad strike mission and boom connection error. Then sometimes you don’t even have any issues with your internet and you be getting boot out the room steady. So why do we play this game still….

The Darkside is calling

The Darkside is calling

They did a few things right. The firefights is on point.Not like in Call of Duty where you can bend bullets around corners. The co-operative strikes and raids with your best buddies are just so addictive. Then there is the loot. OMG like Pokemon you got to get them all. Although the Loot system is random you do get some interesting loot. Then when you get that one gun that touch your spot….HEAVEN!!! You keep playing to get all the perks for the gun or armor. Then the addiction kicks in. Farming for Shards and Energy. Hitting up Venus for the Spirit Bloom aka Ganja of Venus. Hitting up the Patrol missions on the Moon for the Helium. Yes my friends the game may have its short comings but in a twisted way we ignore those short comings and keep coming back for more. There is also the Expansions. Which will extend the story of the game and oh yes…MORE LOOT!!!

So as you can see this is one game that will grow on you more than you know. Once you hit lvl 20 the grind for light begins. One can almost say they intentionally made the game noob friendly so you don’t feel the pressure to lvl up as much. Shoot they don’t even show you the amount of times you died in the crucible match scoreboard. Make it so that you always feel like you accomplished something. The new expansion looks really fun and Bungie is really trying to work on the game knowing they have many faults. Yes Destiny may have it’s downfalls but all in all the game is doing something that haven’t ever been done. A FPS with MMO type qualities. So I am Ruscle and I am addicted to Destiny.

International BadMan Destiny Edition!!

SAY WHAT!!! Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight? Well tell that to the international badman! Ripping it up in the new game that had us tied up like a dominatrix in heat!

All aboard the Destiny Hype Train!


Couple hours from now…well 3:01 am AST I will finally get my sweaty palms a taste of this highly anticipated game. So what do you do while waiting. Search the internet for any review or blog that could give you more fuel for the hype train. Sadly no review to be found. Meh I guess they could care less what they think. So much pre-orders in they could cash that check in right now and be happy for a year. I saw IGN got a live review of the game from 10am to 2pm. Seem that is the only thing right now to get my mouth wet.

So right now it is split down the middle with the fanboys. The PS4 man dem already claiming the best place to play Destiny is on PS4. Then you have the Xbox One fans shouting that they had a taste of Destiny for years with Halo. I tell ya the jokes dem I getting is epic.

You think this is a game?!

You think this is a game?!

Well to be honest i would do the same thing if we here in the BVI had a game store to purchase the Ghost Edition. Instead I did what I could of done at the time. I pre-ordered my copy of Destiny. That is right I have my own little line on my chair with my own little hype train fuel. It may not have the same luster but guess what. I still playing it!

My little corner.

My little corner.

 During the Beta I played as two classes. The one that made my day was the Hunter class. Something about using the knife really perked my interest. Also I like killing from a distance with the sniper rifle. I know for a sure fact many gamers gonna flood the servers. Hopefully Bungie is ready for the many eager beavers wanting to lay claim to this game. Definitely the international Badman will be playing. So expect many montage game footage. You never know I may be in it.

Who will you choose?

Who will you choose?

Since I won’t be able to play the game for about 2 hours since writing this blog I will just catch up on some anime and prepare for the day one or day zero patch that all online type games have just before release. Yeah even if I didn’t read it on twitter I knew it was coming. There is always some patch fix that is needed for these kinds of games. I will see how good this game will be. It is a very ambitious title. Will I lose intrest in this game like I did many other MMO’s that I played up until lvl 20? Well if they can keep me on past lvl 20 then we have a keeper. The only MMO that ever kept me on was Final Fantasy 11 for the PS3. Yep those were the days. So expect a Vlog and review for this game coming soon. Also the trip to Fan Expo 2014 was a huge success. Many Pics and videos for that coming soon!