Hard Times Kill Unit

Hard Times Kill Unit or HTKU for short is the Clan I roll with. We are a dedicated bunch that play FPS. We are professional online noob killers. We are also on Facebook. Here is the link: http://www.facebook.com/groups/hardtimeskillunit/ Be warned. Playing against us online we don’t back down from any challenge. Also do not make us your enemies. You wouldn’t like us when we are mad.

Nia Bingie

This is a ruthless killer. He shows no mercy for the weak. Gain his badges from MW2 to MW3. Maintain the Modern Warfare 3 Jacket. A beast with “lil Kim”


The tactical killer. Camp killer. He gain his badges from Socom, Rainbow Six and Bad Company 2. Modern Warfare 2 Jacket.


All out average killer. Adapt to any situation. Gain badges from Call of Duty 4, Rainbow Six, MW2 & 3, Bad Company 2 and BF3. Great with Rifles.


A Beast with Close range weapons especially with “Stella”. Gain Badges with MW2, Bad Company 2 and BF3. Maintain the Jacket for BF3. Also have great skills with a Sniper Rifle.


The Rambo killer. Place him anywhere and he will decimate all who oppose him. Great with AK47 rifles. A Lone Wolf great at flushing out noobs. Gain Badges from Rainbow Six, Bad Company 2,  Call of Duty 4, MW2 & 3 and BF3.

S1l3ntcut Raizor

The Silent Killer. Consistent in his killing tactics. Great Mid Range killer. Anything within his range dies. Gain his badges in MW2 & 3, Bad Company 2 and BF3.











The all around player. He uses great tactics and skills to over power the noobs he plays against. Always 2 steps ahead of you. Great from medium to close range battle. Graduated from the school of COD and Battlefield.















New to the Clan he is Noob he is not. Using gorilla warfare he stalks his enemy. Deadly from long range and mid range he is an awesome team player that not only targets his enemy but knows how to put them down. He is the ultimate wing man that supports and controls the situation when needed.

VI Mobster













One of the Newest Members to the Clan. Exceptionally well with a Sniper Rifle. He reminds his enemies why he is in the Mob. Using the terrain against his enemies he quickly becomes a threat to noobs who like to run around with no sense. He is also a great wingman in Close Quarters combat. He carries the mob mentality in ganging up on helpless noobs.



  1. I really loving this bio here about the team… HTKU to the world!!

  2. hi, just pop by to ask question : As you are a caribean clan maybe you would know if is any other one around? i just moved in Sint maarten SXM and i had to wave good bye to my europeen clan? Any idea?

  3. dangersniper95

    Anyone Play Counter Strike?

    • Hmm are we talking about the counter strike for the PS3 or the PC. Cause I know maybe at least one member plays it on the PC. If anything drop me your gamer tag for the PS3 and we can link. If you are on PC well that is a different story.

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