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Hacker or Cheater?

CHEATER (Noun): a person who acts dishonestly in order to gain an advantage.

We know that the world doesn’t care for persons who cheat in relationships, or sports…but what about video games?

If you grew up in the days of cartridges, you know that there were popular cheats built into games that were almost a reward to the players. If you wanted to play as the same character in Street fighter II you couldn’t do it without putting a code in (At the Capcom logo screen, press down, R, up, L, Y, B).

Then there were codes that seemed to work on the entire system affecting most games, the most popular being the konami code (which everyone has used at least once in life)


There’s another type of cheating happening in video games though; you see maxed out characters that have every possible advantage in the game. Some games allow, and even encourage this, by letting you buy special weapons or fast track upgrades through gems or some other similar means. However, there are those that take advantage of glitches in the system, or hack the game entirely to make game play easier and less restrictive. You may not call this cheating, and I know that some even accept it as a part of gaming culture, but in Japan, it is a huge “no-no”.


Japan has an Unfair Competition Prevention Law, and lately persons have been getting arrested and convicted for breaking the law. That’s right – jail time. Now there are those who support and there are folks who don’t (like this guy here).

I can’t help but wonder where the Carib Gamer Community stands. Is it cheating? Do you think that person’s who make maxed characters, sell them or buy them deserve a stint of bread and water? Or do you feel that certain games were just made for a little sideline boost? What titles do you feel the developers EXPECT you to cheat hack.

The Struggle with Destiny

Check this. Woke up this morning like every other day. Woke up. Said my prayers. Brushed my teeth. Kissed my wife. Ate breakfast and went to work.

While at work I did my daily duty like every other work day. Recently got an iPhone 6. If you know me I been an avid Android Fanboy. So right now testing this I6. You know to write up a review about my experience.

So I saw a conversation on Facebook by Dwayne about Amber Rose and Khloe Kardashian. Now don’t attack me but I don’t know any of those people. I know that Kim Kardashian is the chick who had a sex tape. So I put two and hoe together and firgured that is her sister. But Amber Rose eluded me. So I asked Siri.

Interesting enough I said this is an odinary chick. What is so special about her. So I did a google search.

HOLY SWEET JESUS. That is what going on! Then as I saw all that it hit me….Today is Tuesday. Destiny reset. Time to do the Nightfall missions. I don’t know how Destiny and Amber Rose sweet body comes together but I do know one thing. Destiny got me hooked. At that moment I could of cared less about that stupid beef between Amber and that other chick.. Once I remembered what today was I called my squad and started the plan for the run tonight. Everything else was secondary.

So of you are like me and usually play destiny just for the Daily missions. Then on Tuesdays for the Weekly and Nightfall Strike missions. Destiny is your crack and Xur is your dealer. Embrace it.


Today is Friday 13th February.

For some, it is a day of bad omens that will be plagued by bad luck.

For others it is a glorious payday that allows us to live like we were rockstars.


It’s a day where parents are enjoying the extra joy emotions that come with having your children home on mid-term break when you still have to go to work (awesome-sauce).

PLUS, there are actually people counting the hours and minutes to it being tomorrow; because a magic fairy comes and leaves flowers and candy and teddy bears for half of the population that kiss the other half consensually. The other half don’t tend to get anything…but then they have enough already. They have swag.

bf material

BUT for many it is just another Saturday (or a Sad why-am-I-still-Single Saturday if you haven’t filled your melodramatic quota for the week).

Personally, I intend to enjoy a 5-step gamer love-fest and encourage you to join me.

  1. LOVE YOURSELF ENOUGH TO BE HEALTHY. If the fittest person in your house is the character on screen…you have a problem. At the very least consider excess load screens as an opportunity to get “gamer sit-ups” in. workout
  2. LOVE YOUR ROOTS. Your children really shouldn’t be playing your M-rated titles. If they suddenly want to grab a controller, grab an old school title and share your childhood.throwback love
  3. LOVE MODERATION. Pledge to try a new title. Start on one of the free downloads that you never got around to then move to your current obsession. It gives you a natural opportunity to grab a bathroom break and a sandwich!break
  4. LOVE GAMER THINGS IN REAL LIFE. Go outside and take a walk. I try to spot (and snap a picture) of things that remind me of in-game moments. (Maybe I’ll share one day). Who knows what else you may run into when you get yourself some sun. Maybe not someone that makes you go morebut at least true love
  5. LOVE YOUR CHOICES. Live every day (especially this weekend) in a way that makes you happy and doesn’t hurt anyone else. Don’t hate on what others do and don’t be ashamed to admit that you love the things you love (Like I can proudly say I don’t think I’ll watch a single thing that doesn’t have subtitles this weekend…but I’m sure you guys can admit to loving better stuff…)love child

I won’t pretend the world is always kind…but I like to believe that (at least in the Carib Gamer Community)…we are always kind (of Awesome!). So quite frankly I don’t care how you feel about Friday the 13th or February 14th cause in my world…I’m lucky enough to love video games…and anime…and manga…and subtitled asian shows…and the amazing people that translate them…and all things tech…and… … …

Battlefield Hardline Beta 2015


Yes my fellow gamers! February 3rd is here and I am downloading the beta as I type this. For those who own an Xbox One I found the beta for download right now! Usually console owners have to wait for the regular Tuesday update but it looked like this one was slipped through early!

First step is to go to the Xbox Store.

Go to the Search bar

Go to the Search bar

Then type in Hardline Beta


Then you will see the beta for Battlefield Hardline



Now start downloading!!!

Let the downloading begin!!

Let the downloading begin!!

Now I tried looking for it on the PS4 but didn’t see it available. Most likely they will be updating the PSN store later.

Checking the Search bar

Checking the Search bar

Hmm. Just info on to buy the game when it release. No Beta. Sigh....

Hmm. Just info on to buy the game when it release. No Beta. Sigh….

I am not sure why it is available on the Xbox One first before the PS4. Well not my problem. Will give my review on the beta and will see if they fixed all those problems that was on the last beta. If you want to know what will be on the beta here is the info taken from their site.

Battlefield Hardline Open Beta Starts February 3rd

It’s time to get a piece of the action! Today we are announcing that Battlefield Hardline’s open multiplayer beta will be active between February 3 and February 8*. Available to players worldwide on PC via Origin, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360, the open beta will give you a small taste of what’s in store when the game hits the streets beginning March 17. Developed by Visceral Games, Battlefield Hardline is a fresh new take on Battlefield, built on strategy, speed and story in single player and multiplayer, delivering a complete first person shooter experience.

Three Different Maps and Modes

The open beta will let you try out three different multiplayer maps and modes. First off, Hotwire mode brings high-speed chases to the Battlefield, as the criminals attempt to steal a list of marked cars while the cops try to repossess them. Available on two maps in the beta, Downtown and Dust Bowl, success in Hotwire will require excellent teamwork and precision driving.

The desert town of Dust Bowl known for its drug trafficking problems will also be playable on Conquest, the fan favorite Battlefield mode, which takes the battle up to 64 players. Finally, there’s the Bank Job map where you’ll get to try out Heist mode. The criminals are trying to break into a bank vault, but the cops are doing their best to stop them. Which side of the law will you ride with?

Introducing Hacker Mode

On top of all this, one player on each side can help out their team through Hacker mode. Similar to Commander in Battlefield 4, Hacker mode takes surveillance to the next level as the Hackers can take control over security cameras, spot enemies and specify areas on the Battlefield for their team to attack or defend. Hacker mode will be playable on all modes in the beta.


Exclusive Battlefield 4 Dog Tag**

Battlefield 4 players hitting the Hardline beta will receive an extra perk* for joining the chaotic urban warfare: the Hardline Dog Tag. If you have a Battlefield 4 account and try out the Battlefield Hardline beta the dog tag will be unlocked in the next patch for Battlefield 4 for you to proudly wear in-game. Watch your back – a lot of foes will want to grab this…

See you on the Battlefield February 3rd!

Here is the promo video that also gives you a taste of what they are trying to pull off with this new franchise.

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

I have watched Justice League: Throne of Atlantis four times.

The first time I fell asleep…but that wasn’t solely the fault of the movie. The second time I found myself drawn to the negatives. The third time I saw all the pearls. The fourth time I felt confident in my assessment of what this movie was…and what it wasn’t.


I feel the movie opened strong. In the cold open you see evidence of the popularity of the Justice League (who the government might have called the ‘Super Seven’ if it had tested better) but at this point its more driven by PR than reality. We also get to see a side of Cyborg I never realised I longed for. We got to see Victor. Since Cyborg is mostly machine and it’s the machine that makes him super, it was refreshing to see him struggle to keep his humanity when the world celebrated him for being more than human.

Since I do love flaws in my heroes, seeing a drunk ‘not yet’ Aquaman (AM) in a bar brawl and mourning the loss of his father was great.


What was a HUGE failure to me was the inorganic and painful way they tried to force the Superman-Wonder-Woman relationship. Actually all of the relationships in the movie were poorly paced and explored. The only thing I can imagine is that the scenes were written assuming that we shared the IQ of the fictional human world (you know the world where two of the most famous unmasked super heroes can be out on a date and not be recognised because they put on glasses).


Overall Goodness:

  • Mera. Her voice actress is great. Her character has presence. All I can say is “more Mera please”.mera
  • Banter. Shazam provides comic relief from the prospective of the child he is, while Green Lantern and Flash deliver one-liners that make you smile.
  • John Henry
  • A nod to ‘Deep Blue Sea’.
  • How Arthur gets his AM suit
  • Aquaman hurt his right hand.

Unexplained Atrocities

  • Neck Muscles. The very talented artists over at DC have a rare disease where they must over sexualise women or draw men like they are in a Super Saiyan power up contest.
  • Continuity. (I won’t ruin it for you completely by listing)
  • The awesomeness that is Black Manta was wasted in this movie.BM
  • Wonder-Woman fails to read the battlefield (throwing water creatures in the water…really WW?)
  • Military prepared to shoot…a tidal wave (wth?)
  • Underwater Superman reigns…on land i’ts all about Aquaman?


I give the movie a 3 of 5 (yay to rounding up). The premise was solid but the execution was lacking. The pace felt too rushed though the movie could have joined the ranks of other great DC offerings if they had considered making it a two part presentation instead of one movie. I did, however, like this version of AM over the previous and it was interesting to keep his mother alive. It didn’t escape me that this virtually indestructible AM didn’t seem to show weakness to needing to have water contact…so I’m curious if this was an oversight or a sign of things to come.

Did this movie make me an Aquaman fan…no…but the opportunity for him to earn my respect is now there. That’s right folks, I no longer think Aquaman is the most useless member of the DC universe…that honour now belongs to Zan.


House of Wolves Destiny Leak

House_of_Wolves_DLC Just last night I was wondering about the next DLC for Destiny. Don’t mind all the negative comments about the game. There are people still playing it. Yes I am a Destiny junky. I just can’t stop playing the blasted game…

Since Destiny decided to fix the glitches with the Crota Raid I may be stuck at lvl 31 for a hot minute. Which got me thinking. When is the next DLC coming. Cause we all know most likely things will be reseting once again for weapons and new lvl 32 gear being sold. Then like christmas a leak was posted on the good ole internet.


As you can see the exotic guns so far is crap. Just like some of those exotics from the Crota expansion. Yes No Land Beyond I am talking about you.

The most dumbest Exotic Sniper Rifle. Hands down this gun is a waste of pixels.


What really peaked my interest is the Raid. This time around I pray to all God that there won’t be no stupid puzzles. Stand here, Jump here, Poop here… I just want to kill stuff. Already reached a point of fustration with the random drops. Many times I need gear and all I get is Shards and Energy. Seriously I need the gear first then upgrade material Bungie…. Either way looking at this little leak got me preparing for the next DLC. I wonder what will be after that. Will there be another game? Will there be a Destiny 2? Will they release another set of exapnsions and make us pay more for those? Will they expand on the all ready stupid story that we all hate? I mean no one really reads those Gilmore cards.

I know I may sound like I hate the game but I really do enjoy the game. I love the atmosphere of the game and the excitment every time tuesday and friday comes around. I was hoping to see a third sub class added. Maybe even a trading patch. Shoot even if they can add a Raid Match making that would be just wonderful. So Check out the pic and see what you may hopefully get from Xur or a random drop!