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Naruto More Fluff Shippuuden 397 Review

Someone please save me!!! How much more do we have to suffer!!! Well I done see they gonna bleed this anime till it on life support lol.

So we still here in the exam room of the Chunin exams. We have Neji taking lead. In truth we all know Neji ain’t no fool and after losing to Naruto in the last Chunin exams he ain’t making the same noob mistakes.

So Long and short Neji started to hit the wall to send a message to his teammates on what to do for the questions. Then Shikimaru throwed in another question to mess with them. Basically he asked who would they send out as a decoy if they was in a battle. We all know it was a trick question.

Side bar moment we have the man Danzo dropping some info about Hanzo. Which in reality he still had the Hidden Leaf Village on his mind. Still a douche bag. Glad he dead. He died like a G though.

This episode isn’t worth your time. If you want to watch it go ahead. Watching Neji getting some air time is ok. The next episode starts the second part of the Chunin Exams. So save that good ramen for when the fluff is over and we back on track. Cause I can’t wait to see how Naruto gonna fight death this time around.


Naruto Chunin Shippuuden 396 Review

Blah….. I hate when Naruto goes into fluff mode. It does just rub me the wrong way. Especially when ting is really getting good.

So anyway the first test is happening and it is all about mind games. To be honest I was bored out of mind watching this episode. Nothing of any value happened on this episode. All we know is that Shikimaru is testing them and we all know the leader will rise to the occasion.

So yeah short review. This has to be the most boring fluff I have ever seen…Dude literally gave them 3 questions which had all of them banging their heads. Gonna watch some One Piece…


Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

I have watched Justice League: Throne of Atlantis four times.

The first time I fell asleep…but that wasn’t solely the fault of the movie. The second time I found myself drawn to the negatives. The third time I saw all the pearls. The fourth time I felt confident in my assessment of what this movie was…and what it wasn’t.


I feel the movie opened strong. In the cold open you see evidence of the popularity of the Justice League (who the government might have called the ‘Super Seven’ if it had tested better) but at this point its more driven by PR than reality. We also get to see a side of Cyborg I never realised I longed for. We got to see Victor. Since Cyborg is mostly machine and it’s the machine that makes him super, it was refreshing to see him struggle to keep his humanity when the world celebrated him for being more than human.

Since I do love flaws in my heroes, seeing a drunk ‘not yet’ Aquaman (AM) in a bar brawl and mourning the loss of his father was great.


What was a HUGE failure to me was the inorganic and painful way they tried to force the Superman-Wonder-Woman relationship. Actually all of the relationships in the movie were poorly paced and explored. The only thing I can imagine is that the scenes were written assuming that we shared the IQ of the fictional human world (you know the world where two of the most famous unmasked super heroes can be out on a date and not be recognised because they put on glasses).


Overall Goodness:

  • Mera. Her voice actress is great. Her character has presence. All I can say is “more Mera please”.mera
  • Banter. Shazam provides comic relief from the prospective of the child he is, while Green Lantern and Flash deliver one-liners that make you smile.
  • John Henry
  • A nod to ‘Deep Blue Sea’.
  • How Arthur gets his AM suit
  • Aquaman hurt his right hand.

Unexplained Atrocities

  • Neck Muscles. The very talented artists over at DC have a rare disease where they must over sexualise women or draw men like they are in a Super Saiyan power up contest.
  • Continuity. (I won’t ruin it for you completely by listing)
  • The awesomeness that is Black Manta was wasted in this movie.BM
  • Wonder-Woman fails to read the battlefield (throwing water creatures in the water…really WW?)
  • Military prepared to shoot…a tidal wave (wth?)
  • Underwater Superman reigns…on land i’ts all about Aquaman?


I give the movie a 3 of 5 (yay to rounding up). The premise was solid but the execution was lacking. The pace felt too rushed though the movie could have joined the ranks of other great DC offerings if they had considered making it a two part presentation instead of one movie. I did, however, like this version of AM over the previous and it was interesting to keep his mother alive. It didn’t escape me that this virtually indestructible AM didn’t seem to show weakness to needing to have water contact…so I’m curious if this was an oversight or a sign of things to come.

Did this movie make me an Aquaman fan…no…but the opportunity for him to earn my respect is now there. That’s right folks, I no longer think Aquaman is the most useless member of the DC universe…that honour now belongs to Zan.


Naruto Fluff Time Shippuuden 394 & 395 Review

Yep. Never fails. Just when things getting spicy. Naruto and Sasuke is near death. Madara tearing stuff up. Now we have a flash back with Lady Tsunade. Someone please tell me this isn’t happening. Well I guess I better enjoy it.

The Chunin exams. Yep. The last one got jacked up and they basically walking us through when everyone was training. We get to see some familiar faces.

The Original OG Jiraiya!!!


Jiraiya. Nice to see him training Naruto. I mean unlike Sasuke who walk in the bush and suddenly learned a new Jutsu out of the blue. Either way watching that was nice.

Training Session!!!


Yeah ting getting real now buddy!!

Then we have the politics of the Narutoverse. Yeah buddy it is amazing to see how everyone is working together for the great ninja war. Well when you hear man like Madara is still alive you have to put aside your differences ASAP. Lady Tsunade sent out the invitation for the Chunin Exams.

This old man and he back….

Check joke. Man done start plotting and ting. But I guess that is how it is. A time to check out the competition. See who is trying to move in man territory and ting. Sand Village man looking to kill Gaara. Well Gaara look like he ain’t even scared. He like another Tupac.


These two episodes was like an appetizer. The main course should be coming soon. I can’t wait to see how Naruto gonna pull out of this mess. Until then better brace myself for the amount fluff episodes coming our way. Till then stay frosty!

Ok who is this chick….and why they keep showing her….



House of Wolves Destiny Leak

House_of_Wolves_DLC Just last night I was wondering about the next DLC for Destiny. Don’t mind all the negative comments about the game. There are people still playing it. Yes I am a Destiny junky. I just can’t stop playing the blasted game…

Since Destiny decided to fix the glitches with the Crota Raid I may be stuck at lvl 31 for a hot minute. Which got me thinking. When is the next DLC coming. Cause we all know most likely things will be reseting once again for weapons and new lvl 32 gear being sold. Then like christmas a leak was posted on the good ole internet.


As you can see the exotic guns so far is crap. Just like some of those exotics from the Crota expansion. Yes No Land Beyond I am talking about you.

The most dumbest Exotic Sniper Rifle. Hands down this gun is a waste of pixels.


What really peaked my interest is the Raid. This time around I pray to all God that there won’t be no stupid puzzles. Stand here, Jump here, Poop here… I just want to kill stuff. Already reached a point of fustration with the random drops. Many times I need gear and all I get is Shards and Energy. Seriously I need the gear first then upgrade material Bungie…. Either way looking at this little leak got me preparing for the next DLC. I wonder what will be after that. Will there be another game? Will there be a Destiny 2? Will they release another set of exapnsions and make us pay more for those? Will they expand on the all ready stupid story that we all hate? I mean no one really reads those Gilmore cards.

I know I may sound like I hate the game but I really do enjoy the game. I love the atmosphere of the game and the excitment every time tuesday and friday comes around. I was hoping to see a third sub class added. Maybe even a trading patch. Shoot even if they can add a Raid Match making that would be just wonderful. So Check out the pic and see what you may hopefully get from Xur or a random drop!


CES 2015 Day 3 Review

blog headline

What a day!!! It was a full packed day with lots of things to cover. Let me get right to it with LG!!



LG came in hard this year. They showed us their new LG Flex 2 phone. I had a chance to play with it and was quite impressed with it.



The curve really do make it feel more comfortable. I don’t know maybe because our face is curved. Now the biggest issue I have with the phone is how will I get this in a phone case. I would have to get a curved case or something lol.



They also was showing off their G2 G watch. It was quite bulky. Didn’t feel like a watch I would be rocking. Yet for those who like to feel a very heavy watch on their wrist would feel right at home with this.


I went over the smart appliances area and was in awe by a washer machine that literally could hold a conversation with you via text. Yes you could text the washer machine and it would tell you the status of the load and also allow you to shut it off. Talk about a smart washer. Now all we needed is a dryer to fold your cloths when it is done and we be jamming.



Now the most epic thing that I saw there that won’t be available for a minute. It was the curved wide screen game display. Thing was beyond sexy. I wanted to lick it……but I kept my composure. The action from the game wasn’t tearing apart or stuttering. The 21:9 ratio was a sight to behold. I asked about the price and availability and even that was unsure. Talk about a buzz kill. All I was told that it will be ready in the near future.


This year in CES there was tons! of cool robots doing the most amazing things. Now I didn’t get to see any robots that was elf aware but I did get to see some cleaning windows, cleaning the floors and even holding conversations with me. I can tell as time progress we will see the integration of actual working robots helping us in our daily lives.

The Baddest Robot I know was there!!

The Baddest Robot I know was there!!

dad with robot


This robot looks like Johnny #5 from Short Circuit...

This robot looks like Johnny #5 from Short Circuit…

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 4.42.07 PM

OH the presence of unmanned vehicles was in full force also. Now don’t tell anybody but we wasn’t suppose to take any photos but we didn’t read the sign.





Still no cars that hover like in the Jetsons. Yet we are getting pretty close to it. There were convertible motorcycles and really small cars. Of course we have the hybrids making a strong showing also. I won’t lie many of the cars there all had one thing in common. Integrating the internet. I don’t know how that will translate for countries that have poor internet services but it is a step in the right direction if you ask me.

smart car 1

smart car 2

smart car 3

smart car 5

smart car 6

smart car 7

smart car 8


Wearable Tech was everywhere. From rings to sewing machines making them was there. Some wearables made no sense. Like the 3D printing machine that made a very stiff looking dress. Thing had look ugly. One big hot mess. Yet the fact you can make it it was interesting. Watches

smart sewing

This is one of the dresses that the smart sewing machine made at CES

This is one of the dresses that the smart sewing machine made at CES

This blocks the radiation from all electronics..

This blocks the radiation from all electronics..

smart sewing 4

bling bling

This SmartPhone/ Watch uses a nano sim and works very well. Only thing is you have to talk to your watch like Micheal Knight…


CES 2015 was packed full with many more things that I don’t have enough time to show. But the next blog coming will be covering the gaming section of CES. There was a few gems and also I will go in depth with Sony new hot game The Order 1886. So stay frosty till then!!