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Naruto Give Thanks Shippuuden 388 Review


Gaara Gaara Gaara…. This episode was all about Gaara. Do I really care about Gaara. Not really. Why did they choose to bore me with this tree hugging episode. Not sure but hey it is Thanksgiving Day and Gaara is saying thank you Naruto for being my friend.

LOL Madara look like he just there chilling

LOL Madara look like he just there chilling

Say hello to my little friend!!

Say hello to my little friend!!

We got a deep look into the troubled life the Sand Man himself Gaara. Interesting enough we really could of watched the outcome of Madara being wrapped up like a burrito and Naruto throwing the Shuriken Rasengan at him. Then they switched gears so suddenly that I didn’t even noticed they went from episode to fluff. Gaara asked Shukaku the One Tail for help and ended up getting help from all the tailed beasts. But instead of going straight to the action we got Gaara thinking back on his encounter with Naruto.

Yep.....Another day another sunset..

Yep…..Another day another sunset..

Sigh I wish I could say it was exciting and fulfilling but it wasn’t. Just showing us something we already know and to be honest the time it took for him looking at his hand. Yeah that was a waste of ink and time. Look I know right now the anime is gonna milk till the very last drop so I welcome this hybrid fluff episode. The next episode is another fluff. Well at least it is going to be about Hinata. Yep team Hinata in effect. Naruto Sweety need some air time. So have a Happy Thanksgiving today and remember stay frosty!

My Destiny Addiction


Destiny. A game that had high expectations that fell flat once released. Yet everyday I found myself playing the same missions, raids and strikes over and over. Everyday I look forward to get one of the many random drops for having absolutely no skill whatsoever. Don’t start me up with the randomness of the loot. My God the rage is real!

Dude got an exotic Gun for doing absolutely NOTHING! Yep that is Destiny Logic.

Dude got an exotic Gun for doing absolutely NOTHING! Yep that is Destiny Logic.

Some would argue with me about getting the good stuff. There is one formula my friend Blake told me that will guarantee me epic loot. Your ready for it…. TIME x GRIND = EPIC LOOT. I especially don’t have the time. Literally have to play constantly to get the good stuff. Also lets not go into the crucible. The way it is set up now is very noob friendly. The crucible basically gives lower lvl’d characters a chance to win by making high lvl’d gear capped off so the true damage and shield numbers are not enough to destroy the competition. Many players seeking to test their true strength with their lvl’d up gear need to wait for the Iron Banner that comes ever so often. Then there is the Metacritic score.


With scores like that who would want to play this subpar game. I would. You know why. Bungie may have done a horrible job with the story. They may have fudged the script to the point where you want to strangle your ghost so he doesn’t say anything.


Then there is the connection errors. So help me God if I see another “Bee” error…..YEAH anyway they need fix that ASAP. Nuff time man be in a bad strike mission and boom connection error. Then sometimes you don’t even have any issues with your internet and you be getting boot out the room steady. So why do we play this game still….

The Darkside is calling

The Darkside is calling

They did a few things right. The firefights is on point.Not like in Call of Duty where you can bend bullets around corners. The co-operative strikes and raids with your best buddies are just so addictive. Then there is the loot. OMG like Pokemon you got to get them all. Although the Loot system is random you do get some interesting loot. Then when you get that one gun that touch your spot….HEAVEN!!! You keep playing to get all the perks for the gun or armor. Then the addiction kicks in. Farming for Shards and Energy. Hitting up Venus for the Spirit Bloom aka Ganja of Venus. Hitting up the Patrol missions on the Moon for the Helium. Yes my friends the game may have its short comings but in a twisted way we ignore those short comings and keep coming back for more. There is also the Expansions. Which will extend the story of the game and oh yes…MORE LOOT!!!

So as you can see this is one game that will grow on you more than you know. Once you hit lvl 20 the grind for light begins. One can almost say they intentionally made the game noob friendly so you don’t feel the pressure to lvl up as much. Shoot they don’t even show you the amount of times you died in the crucible match scoreboard. Make it so that you always feel like you accomplished something. The new expansion looks really fun and Bungie is really trying to work on the game knowing they have many faults. Yes Destiny may have it’s downfalls but all in all the game is doing something that haven’t ever been done. A FPS with MMO type qualities. So I am Ruscle and I am addicted to Destiny.

Is Wolverine really Dead?

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 3.17.41 PM

So after the Death of Wolverine we see many spin off comics spawned right after his death. We have the Death of Wolverine: Logans Legacy, Death of Wolverine: Weapon X Program, Death of Wolverine: Life After Logan and shoot even Deadpool and Captain America getting in on the Death of Wolverine Band Wagon.

This was funny though...

This was funny though…

I read all of them so far and most are mourning the death and others seem to be a back story of his past. Which brings me to a very vague idea that Logan isn’t that dead. I know many of my friends know that is a cheap way for Marvel to rack up sales and other things. But when I read those comics I can only see how influential he was to many heroes. So far the Wolverine Cash Cow still pumping cash for Marvel.

Yeah Buddy....Who's That Girl...

Yeah Buddy….Who’s That Girl…

Another series that got my attention so far is the new Thor. The female version. Yeah I know I never really followed Thor but Marvels plan to shake things up peaked my interest. Sadly they got my boy Thor like a punk. Dude literally got his lopped off hand as a necklace.

Why They doing this to my boy Thor. Dude got his hand like an ornament...

Why They doing this to my boy Thor. Dude got his hand like an ornament…

Just goes to show maybe something new isn’t so bad. I am anticipating Logan to return next year. Anything later than that and most people will lose interest in him. As of now I think with all the comic TV shows adaptions it would be hard not wanting to check out the source material and go deeper in the rabbit hole. I personally having a whale of a time watching Gotham. Come on thing is getting real good. That Penguin is a real goon! Either way Logan may have been dead for a while but the comic world is still moving forward and what better way to whore good old Wolvie.

The Strange relationship between Cyclops and Wolverine

The Strange relationship between Cyclops and Wolverine

Naruto Dr. Phil Shippuuden 387 Review


Someone slap me. Please. Naruto gonna chat the man to death. Jah man. Well lucky for us this seem to be the end of the Obito  therapy session.

Yeah that was creepy lol

Yeah that was creepy lol



So we have the tug of war session still going on. We have Naruto trying to get the man to move from the dark side to the way of the Jedi. Basically the same thing he did to Nagato. Overwhelm him with epic nagging justu. What had me rolling was when Naruto seem to be doing a genjutsu on Obito. Yeah it could of been because he was in his mind that he could manipulate what he saw but it was pretty intense seeing Naruto all up in his head. Had the man double guessing his own ideals. Finally everyone know what Obito’s true intention was. To bring back Rin. He finally admitted to being pussy whipped. This whole war break out because of Rin. Sad right.

So this is how it feels to be the side ting...

So this is how it feels to be the side ting…

So after the nagging session they finally pulled out all the tailed beasts. Obito falls to the ground. He is no longer a Ten Tails Jinchurki. Then douchebag Sasuke was quick to kill him. Don’t get me wrong. I want Obito dead like the other guy but not by Sasuke hands. He doesn’t deserve to die by his hands. Then what do you know look who pops out of the comfort zone!!


Kakashi punk ram. After Naruto and Sasuke do all the hard work he want to finish the job. Meson this man need licks! Then another twist! Minato pop in one time to stop Kakashi. Then the talking begin. Oh GOSH!! Just kill the man already!! He killed countless ninjas! Just kill him and move on….geez… Either way they gone after Madara. Now I know he ain’t gonna be swayed with the Nagging Jutsu. He is a real bad man.

One Down...Madara we coming for you!!

One Down…Madara we coming for you!!

So just to sum things up Obito on he back, Kakashi back from his vacation and Naruto nags like his mother. Oh can’t forget The Tail beast dem chilling now. The next episode it look like Dr. Phil coming back for Gaara. Sigh I think I am gonna need therapy if they keep this up. Well till the next time Stay Frosty!

Naruto Stalker Shippuuden 386 Review


Look my trouble here buddy. This episode was another Obito crap fest. Don’t get it twisted we all knew Naruto have a way of getting inside of your head once he get in there….game over.

Obito you is one less Uchiha....

Obito you is one less Uchiha….

So nothing really here that we don’t know. I mean we have Naruto poking around Obito’s head. We got the flash backs and other times showing how goofy Obito was. Look we all know this man stupid over Rin. He is willing to put everyone under a genjutsu because he ain’t get a chance to live his life with Rin. So hopefully the next episode we get some action. Not some filler throw back story about Obito. I had enough of him.



Now to talk about something that have me really sad. The Manga is over. Naruto is done. What to do now. I know once the manga is over we have only a few episodes left. We still have One Piece, Fairy Tail, Log Horizon and maybe Sword Art Online. I mean there is a few gems of anime out there. We have Attack on Titan coming soon. Nothing will replace Naruto. Some may hate it. Some may say it isn’t worth the very ink on paper. To me it was an epic journey. One filled with laughs and adventure. Well hopefully Masashi Kishimoto brings us another anime to keep us hooked! Here is an awesome comic strip I saw over on Google Plus. Save a bowl of ramen for me to….


Naruto Really Obito! Shippuuden 385 review


Not really gonna get into this episode. Why? Well it is all about Obito and his self righteous vendetta to put everyone under that stupid genjutsu. Look I been saying for years since we found out that Obito was the masked man. Obito only doing this because he miss Rin. Case and point. The man was in love. He wanted to be Hokage. Then life happened. GET OVER IT! But no not him. He linked up with Madara and decided to go on this crusade all because of Rin. Naruto told him he was gonna take off the mask. Boy he is a man of his word. Not only did he take off his mask he was all up in his grill about it.

Naruto having "Real Talk" with Obito buddy

Naruto having “Real Talk” with Obito buddy

Missing this episode won’t hurt the story. This to me only confirming what we all know. He going on like no one else had pain. Obito just need to die. Real talk. I guess since the last manga for Naruto is upon us many people are left wondering what else should we do now. The anime is still showing so there is still life in this series. We  also have the last Naruto Movie coming December 6th 2014. Here is an english dub of the trailer:

All I want to see is Naruto and Hinata married with babies. Team Hinata all the way!! Yeah so till the next stay frosty!!