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Naruto Turn Up Shippuuden 370 Review


NO FREAKING WAY! Ah vex! This blasted boy name Sasuke need two hard slap cross his face! Before I get ahead of myself let me try and cool down. Collect my thoughts and try to analyze this in a proper manner. So we have Sasuke listening to the First Hokage end his story about the origins of the Hidden Leaf and Madara. To all the Sasuke fans this is a Sasuke heavy episode.

What?!?! But How???

What?!?! But How???

I thought you knew....Wood Style Jutsu!

I thought you knew….Wood Style Jutsu!

The battle between Hashirama and Madara was pretty cool. To imagine the simplest Jutsu did him in. I mean come on! That is Genin 101. Either way the last thing Hashirama remembered killing Madara. Just goes to show how resilient those Uchiha can be.

Sasuke thinking back...

Sasuke thinking back…

After that story we get to sit back and see Sasuke resolve. It was basically everything we already knew. Yet somehow that thick head little bwoy couldn’t figure it out. I guess after listening to Hashirama definition of a Shinobi finally made sense. I don’t blame him for hating his brother Itachi but wanting to destroy the village made no sense. After finding out that certain individuals made the decision against the Uchiha are all dead. Why continue to hate a village that out of ignorance said and did what they thought was true. So either way Sasuke who back stabbed his friends. Killed all those around him consumed by hate had to decide if he will continue his idea of destroying the village.

Kagami the Uchiha that gain the respect of Tobi-flipping-rama

Kagami the Uchiha that gain the respect of Tobi-flipping-rama

But before we hear his decision we get to hear how each Hokage looked back on their failures. Pure comedy. As usual like a boss Tobi-flipping-rama admit to no failures. He did surprised me. I thought he hated the Uchiha but revealed he only hate those that pose a threat to the the village. All through each of the Hokages life there was always an Uchiha that fought alongside the Village and died protecting just that. It was deep to see how the Uchiha being feared for their visual prowess cared so deeply for the Hidden Leaf Village. Just goes to show life is a cycle…

Leh we Go Tobi!

Leh we Go Tobi!

So what was Sasuke answer? Well lets just say THIS WAR BOUT TO TURN UP!!! We got all the Hokagae dem ready fi WAR!!! I tell ya I was getting goose bumps! But lets think about it. If Sasuke had chose to destroy the village Tobirama would of killed him instantly. Just saying. He look like he don’t waste time. He look like the kind of guy that would kill first then think about it later. Now this is what really grind my gears. This blasted boy name Sasuke got two toss fighting for this man. Even after he tried to kill both of them. Cause we all know Sakura gonna take him back like a real Thot. I can only imagine the epic man crush Naruto gonna have. To see his boyfriend coming back to him. Nonsense.

Karin: Sasuke you stabbed me and left me for dead!! I hateYOU!! Sasuke: Shut up and come with me.

Karin: Sasuke you stabbed me and left me for dead!! I hate YOU!!
Sasuke: Shut up and come with me.                                                      

Hashirama: Who is that girl up on Sasuke? Tobirama: Oh she must be one of Sasuke Thots. You know how dem Uzumaki clan does move.

Hashirama: Who is that girl up on Sasuke?                                                                                         
Tobirama: Oh she must be one of Sasuke Thots. You know how dem Uzumaki gyals does move.

So you wanna know why Sasuke need two hard slap. Well it took to much for him to understand something that was staring right in his face. Yeah yeah I know he mad little boy who saw his brother kill his mommy and daddy. Then lived in obscurity most of his life. Then learned all what he thought was true was a lie. I can deal with that. What I can’t deal with is he think he matter. Like he can take down the First Hokage. Buh answer or else. Like really Sasuke. Really. You in the presence of pure EPICNESS. My thing is he think he can make a difference. Naruto been holding his own without the need to know. He just know. Even when the whole village saw him as a cancer. He stood tall and became the hero. So when Sasuke come through buh he gonna save the village and ting he better take a seat and remember the title of this anime. NARUTO. BELIEVE IT! So the next episode we see Naruto dem getting beat up from Madara and Obito. Hold on tight my boi. Daddy coming!! It will be MASS!!!! Stay frosty till then!

This will be an EPIC fight!!!

This will be an EPIC fight!!!


Naruto The Dream Shippuuden 369 Review


This my friends was worth the wait. The conclusion to the First Hokage story. A very nicely done episode. Had everything that make for a great drama series and enough action that even Chuck Norris can approve of. So what are we waiting for lets dig in!

Two friends achieved their dream!

Two friends achieved their dream!

Ah yes the calm before the storm. War comes in many shapes and form. You ask why I say that. Well look at this story. We have two friends that had to overcome a feud between two faction that been fighting for God knows how long. So we have hatred that has been passed on from generation to generation. Then it took an act of selflessness to end the feud. A village that no longer have to worry about killing. A village that finally changed the way of life for every one. So what can change this peace. What can tip the balance to such serenity.

Tobi-flipping-rama....This boy right here racist.

Tobi-flipping-rama….This boy right here racist.

 Yep. War is like a virus. Once infected it is hard to get rid of it. One have to do a clean install. You see Tobirama has been infected. He hates the Uchiha clan. Madara knows it. Hashirama wanted to make Madara the Hokage. In all honesty I know it wouldn’t fly with the rest of the people of the village. Yet Hashirama was willing to be the bigger man and make it right with his friend. Sadly Tobirama don’t see it that way. Which brings me the other face of war. Politics. It hides behind red tape. Allows people like Danzo which let me point out was under the tutelage of none other you guessed it Tobirama. Danzo orchestrated the death of a whole clan. It seem that the seed of war was planted deep. Springing forth every decade or so. Either way Madara got the message. Loud and clear.

Madara listened to the conversation between Tobirama and Hashirama while talking about Madara. The broken leaf signify the begining of the end of a friendship that could of been so much more..

Madara listened to the conversation between Tobirama and Hashirama. The broken leaf signify the beginning of the end of a friendship that could of been so much more..

This episode is very important. Many may think that this anime is empty and lack depth. This episode is a great example of how deep the rabbit hole goes. Hashirama and Madara story is similar to Naruto and Sasuke. Many including me would of given up on Sasuke. Not Naruto. He saw him as a friend. Even when Sasuke never respected him as one. Which in the same instance wanted to kill Naruto. Yet Naruto still have faith that he can change him. This episode brought everything back 360. We understand the Hidden Leaf Village is more than a village. It is a dream of peace. The Dream of many key persons who died hoping change can be made. To erase the hate and prepare a future. This is so true for us. Hashirama and Madara had a dream of peace. The same can be said for Martin Luther King. He stood up against Hate. Funny Madara had the same idea but wanted to force everyone under a spell and control our dreams. Which will bring peace but not through our own will.

Dem eyes....yep. He bout to set it off!

Dem eyes….yep. He bout to set it off!

So just like that war started once again. This time friend against friend. Which I know made it much harder for Hashirama. The same man that helped him bring peace to a warring nation. Yet carried the burden of his clan and still failed them. He was exiled and fought to find himself in a world that saw him as a cancer. Madara fueled by hate did what he thought had to be done. To kill the only man he knew that was as strong as him.

The Epic battle!

The Epic battle!

This episode had to come to an end though. We understand much more about this war that is so epic! I don’t know how anyone who is a fan who isn’t hyped right about now. Each episode brings us closer to each character than before. Who will be next to die? Who will be brought back to life? Will we see the next match up between zombie Madara vs zombie Hashirama? I mean things are definitely heating up! The next episode we will get an answer from Sasuke. To be honest I don’t care to much about what he thinks. After listening to the first Hokage it doesn’t matter what he thinks. This man is a flipping beast. Man single handily owned the nine tails like he was a kitten. THE FREAKING NINE TAILS! And still had enough chakra to fight Madara. Let me see any other ninja do that except for the sage of the six paths.



Anyway sorry for the late review. I had it baking in my computer but after watching the episode I had to sit down and collect my thoughts. This episode reminds me that through all the killing in the east and useless waste of lives being lost there is hope. I won’t pick sides. I will be the one like Hashirama and choose the side for the future without killing someone to see my point. For once Naruto can teach us something. I hope you loved this episode as much as I did. I know I wrote more than usual but sometimes I can’t help myself. Stay frosty!!

MMA in Paradise 4


MMA in Paradise 4 folks! First off let me say that all the fighters fought well and the event was a success. I came to see some good fights and got them. Of course you know there was a few moments where much improvement is a MUST! I wil point them out later. For now lets talk about the fights! That is all. That is all.

Of course you know REPVI was there! How else would I be able to capture this VI event. We all know when it comes to entertainment in the Caribbean and even the world there is one place to check. REPVI.COM!

The first fight was with my boy Cideane Brown. Watching the fight now I see that he totally PWNED that dude. While I was watching it that night I thought “is this a track and field event?” The first problem was that Mr. Hazel didn’t want to come out and fight. Dude took FOREVER JUST TO COME OUT. Either way after Earl get that blow to the head from Cideane he took off faster than a man caught with his best friend girlfriend.

This fist right here turn he into a bonafide coward!

This fist right here turn he into a bonafide coward!

This fight right here was the best in my opinion. Lasted for the whole three rounds. Lots of submission moves and ended with that kick that sent the USVI packing. That kick caught him slipping. He didn’t see it coming. By the time he caught himself he on the ground.

In Street Fighter they call this a cross up combo lol!

In Street Fighter they call this a cross up combo lol!

This match right here was pure comedy. After seeing his fellow teammate Daniel knocking out Grey he got all hyped up. As the match begin he started throwing a bunch of girlie fists. Like he was swatting flies. I felt from the time I saw that I knew something bad was gonna happen. He was to excited and was making some stupid mistakes. His guard was down. He went in head first. Not to mention he didn’t look like he had a plan. He totally under estimated his opponent. Funny thing I kept rewinding that fight. Just to see how he got knocked out…Then I realized..





flat out on the ground like a bad ting in a bang tight!

flat out on the ground like a bad ting in a bang tight!

This was the last fight and it wasn’t another knock out round. It went to decision. Dwayne fought a great fight. He is from Jost Van Dyke. Most likely he might be family to me. Just saying don’t mess with me. I know people….

The night was great and exciting EXCEPT for the commentator. LAWD have mercy dude just couldn’t stop talking. The time between fights was to much. Next time the flow of entertainment need to move a little better. I understand that most of the fighters wasn’t there but they still put on a great experience. I look forward to the next MMA in Paradise event. So make sure you head on over to and check on everything entertainment in the VI and the world! Also be sure to check us out in Canada for the Fan Expo August 28 – 31.

One Piece 654 Review


This dude name Law. Ting got more energy than the energizer bunny! Just when you think this man is down and out he spring up like lazarus. So lets dig in this almost action filled episode.

We begin with the sexy Nami-swan and friends on the Thousand Sunny. Totally owned that artist chick. Once again we have the enemy blabbing dem mouth. I mean can at least one villain ever keep their mouth shut. To think about it she is one tough chick. Ugly but tough.

Watch her....running her mouth like water...

Watch her….running her mouth like water…

We see the fight for Block “D” still raging on. Things seem to be heating up with some AAA  fighters still coming for that number one spot. With so much super stars one can only wonder who will be on top. I mean there is even a freaking Lion. One big Pussy Cat biting up man. Real talk! Only in One Piece buddy. I just hope Rebecca don’t get hurt to bad. Wouldn’t want her sweet sexy flawless skin be harmed in any way…

I got my money on the Lion. Just saying...

I got my money on the Lion. Just saying…

Then right back to my boy Law. I thought he was a dead man. But like Lazarus he rose up and bust off like this dude in the MMA fight this past weekend…

I never see am man run so fast! Stop run from de licks dem!!!

I never see a man run so fast! Stop run from de licks dem!!!

Anyway Law pulled the good ole switch-a-roo. He took the heart from one of the grunts. Ceaser thought it was his heart but no. That moment of distraction gave Law the chance to escape. Once again the Tom and Jerry chase continued. Law took Ceaser and started his way down to the bridge. Doflamingo was right on his tail and looked a little confused. He knew he has no way of escape and wondered why he running towards his home town. Then in the corner of his eye he saw the Thousand Sunny with the crew bawling from some fighting fish. Yes they are being attacked by huge fighting fish. So you know Doflamingo ain’t no fool. He decided to kill everyone on the ship. Which totally freaked everyone out!

Yep. Would totally like to be freaking out with I mean "OH No!"

Yep. Would totally like to be freaking out with Nami…er I mean “OH No!”

 We done know these man is dead. None of them could fight Doflamingo. If this was Dragonball Z He would be Cell and they would be Krillin.Then like a boss the only man who would risk his life not for the crew but for Nami-Swan!!!

Talk about a flashy entrance!

Talk about a flashy entrance!

Sanji aka Black Leg came in just in time! But will he be able to actually fight this beast of a man. I know I don’t speak highly of Doflamingo but he seem to be pretty tough. I mean he was frozen by Kuzan. He then broke out of that ice like it was nothing.  Can’t deny how strong he is. I hope Sanji don’ get beat up to bad. So when things are getting real good the anime ended. I be all excited and then it just end. I know the next episode will prove to be epic!! Big man fight between Sanji and Doflamingo! So stay frosty till then!!

To be continued


MMA in the BVI!


In the British Virgin Islands we getting some MMA action. Got two tickets to the event. Of course you know I will be vlogging all the action as it happens. Who knows we might see a knockout out of the four matches. This is the 4th event in the BVI and it has grown not into a blood sport but a well respected sport. Not saying I don’t enjoy seeing some good fights but I guess it is the barbarian in me that enjoys it. So July 19th 2014 @ 7PM will be the place to be in the BVI!


No Naruto episode..


Imagine there look on my face when I don’t see uTorrent downloading any thing for Naruto. Having so much on my plate today I thought I missed out. Wishing one of my favorite naruto fans a happy birthday… Shout out to Shermaine! Happy Naruto Thursday!!


But looking online I found out that Naruto will be back next week. It seem the conclusion to the story Hashirama telling to Sasuke. Now mind you I done see Sasuke have to change his mind about destroying the village. So much blood shed for war is meaningless. Yes many lives have been taken but it don’t make sense to continue killing. Look what happened to the Uchiha clan. Sasuke need find Sakura and start making babies. He is the last of a species. Make love not war. So if you checking don’t fret. Go download Fairy Tail and Sword Art Online. Well I am reading the latest Batman comic. Damian Rises. Yep good stuff. So any way next week Naruto will be back! Stay frosty till then!