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Nintendo E3 2014 Recap Vlog

I basically shared my view on the Nintendo E3 press event. I didn’t mention Splatoon and Yoshi Yarn game. Seeing how this was in the heat of the moment and I was really bored from what they showed. Yeah it was ok. Most Nintendo fans will say it was a great showing. Those who don’t live in a bubble know better.

Naruto Zombie Shippuuden 365 Review


This episode grabbed me from the beginning and never let go. Talk about ting in one episode! I had my mouth open from start to finish. The fact it started off with Hinata and Naruto holding hands getting all lovely. If they had a priest I would of married them right there. Enough talk let us dig into this most epic episode.


Naruto done give everybody a can of Redbull!

So at this point Naruto figured out a way to share the Nine Tails Chakra to everyone on the Battlefield. Bout this time everyone is in beast mode. Some are vex Neji dead. While others can’t believe he is dead. All the while Obito spewing nonsense as usual about having friends is a curse. I mean seriously dude. Rin is dead. Move on with your life. You act as if you are the only one that lost someone close to you. Jeez.


His rival is dead.

Things started to look grim for Obito and Madara. Well actually more Obito than Madara. Madara is a reanimated corpse. He is already dead. Not to mention he needs Obito to bring him back to life. That boy name Naruto just being a condom to these man plans. Also at this point Naruto is focused. He isn’t just goofing off. He surpassed his parents skill ten fold.


Look here Naruto I ain’t get no sex from Rin. So no one will get sex!


What the Frak!?!


Gotcha! I should make you smack yourself for killing my daddy!


To be honest I have no idea what that is. But somehow they became a flaming bird. That can cut.



I tell yall this girl named Hinata know her man so well she knew to sort him out without him saying a word. This man better marry her.


The Allied Ninja Force got them on the ropes. Obito and Madara can’t help to realize the truth. Things ain’t looking to good. If Obito had listened to Madara in the first place he would be winning all now. But instead he did like every villain. Start running his mouth. So now the tides has turned in Naruto favor. What will happen now we don’t know. But I know one thing for sure. Madara ain’t going down like no punk. He has a few tricks up his sleeves.


So finally we link back with Sasuke and the gang. Now we have these man on a mission. So it seem Mr. Sasuke want some answers. The only man who can get the answers is Vybes Cartel Cousin Orochimaru.


They found themselves at the Hidden Leaf Village. Nostalgia hits Sasuke like a ton of bricks. I wonder if he still want to destroy the village. Dude is just like Obito. Want to do drastic things just because someone make him cry. But anyway we finally get to see what that scroll was all about. Trust me I was at the edge of my seat watching every word and scene.



Ok Death Dude is back.


Ok. Got your arms back. Why do you need your arms to do Mr. Orochimaru?


Oh That is just NASTY. All of dem man was in you Sasuke. You is a hotel!


Oh. Goodie. More zombies. Who will it be….



OMG!!!! Hold up! That is wha going on!! This is EPIC!!! Naruto will be able to see his father! The First will fight Madara, and God knows what trouble the Second Hokage will stir up. This will be nice to see how this will play out. I am totally geeking right now. This is like christmas for me right now. Please no filler episodes! Keep it coming! I want to see how all of this will play out. So till the next episode stay frosty!


Hardline Reveal Rant!

Just me ranting on the Hardline trailer reveal. Will be doing a vlog about the Beta that is on the PS4. So keep it locked on everything gaming!

Nintendo E3 Media Event Review


Things ain’t looking good for the camp of Nintendo. One thing I must commend them for is the sense of humor. They had between each segment a skit done by Robot Chicken. Check it out.

Nintendo Fans please don’t think I am not excited for the games they have coming for us. Just nothing there that appeals to me. I will though try to be nice and convert my tone to the fanboy I use to be.

The game that was the main attraction. Super Smash Bros Wii-U

The game that was the main attraction. Super Smash Bros Wii-U

Super Smash Bros. Wii-U

One thing is clear. This is the saving grace for the Nintendo Wii-U this year. The hype behind this game is full speed ahead. All through the conference it was pointed out over and over and over again how epic this game will be. Which it will be a good fighting game for the fans who are eagerly awaiting to play this game. At the beginning of the E3 event we see Reggie and Satoru showing off some new gameplay for Super Smash Bros. It is interesting to see the two CEO’s duking it out.

The different versions of Mii's that can be used.

The different versions of Mii’s that can be used.

Mega Epic Satoru Mii!!!

Mega Epic Satoru Mii!!! vs Mario!!

Adding more to the pot they introduced a new way to store info for a character in Super Smash Bros. it is called the Amiibo. Yes and the Amiibo is a toy figure that talks directly to your Gamepad. It stores the stats and other data for your character. You can use it to fight your friends Amiibo also. It is a nice way to always have your character ready for a fight at any time.

NFC enabled Toy that stores your character data.

NFC enabled Toy that stores your character data.

That isn’t all they had to show. Right before the show was over they gave us another trailer for another character that will be playable.

Start off with Link whooping Icarus butt!!

Start off with Link whooping Icarus butt!!

Then BAM! Palutena Alights joined in the fight just when Link was about to FINISH HIM!

Then BAM! Palutena Alights joined in the fight just when Link was about to FINISH HIM!


The Legend of Zelda


This in my opinion is my favorite IP from Nintendo. The amount of hours I sinked into each Zelda game is insane. I played all of them. Even Wind Waker. Yes….even wind waker. Any way they are brining us another epic adventure into the land of Hyrule. As the video started you can tell they was being nostalgic. Nintendo sure do like the past. But let me not go there.


Zelda then..

This is Zelda now.

Zelda now..

In the video they explained to us that whatever you can see you can go there. An open world experience that the fans will love to explore. Of course there will be enemies to encounter. I thought that was pretty cool. Although I felt that they could of showed us more. After watching the trailer I wanted to know more. The game look gorgeous but nothing like the tech demo they showed us years ago. I wonder if that was done on a PC. Ah well this will have to do.

There you have it. Cartoon/Anime/Cell Shaded version of Link. Not bad... Not Bad..

There you have it. Cartoon/Anime/Cell Shaded version of Link. Not bad… Not Bad..


Hyrule Warriors


Think happy thoughts Ruscle. Deep breath. OK. This game right here trying to mix Dynasty Warriors gameplay with characters from Zelda. Now we know this is an abomination sent from satan himself. But I will try to look at the bright side. The game will have our favorite characters using power attacks and devastating moves against hordes of opponents. In other words it is the hack and slash we all know and love. Personally I think they should of never did this. I think it would of been better if they tried another approach to the series. Either way the game looks better than what they showed us last time. Maybe it might be fun. With Nintendo you will never know.



This game came from no where. It seem that Nintendo have a lot of faith in this game. To be honest and I am not being sarcastic. The game look like fun. It is about painting up the place. The most wins. Simple right. well the opposing team is doing the same. So the chaotic but strategic game gives you tools to add to the mayhem. Reminds me of the game De Blob.

yeah....colorful game...

yeah….colorful game…

So to my surprise a game that not only peaked my interest but had me thinking on the fun. Alas it isn’t epic enough to make me go to the store right now and buy a Wii-U. Sorry it ain’t that serious Nintendo. But kudos for this very nice game.


Yoshi’s Woolly World

Watching this game made me want to go hug a kitten. I am so at peace watching this game I think I will cure world hunger with yarn. This game is just to darn cute. Will I be playing it. No. But many side scrolling 16 bit old school gamers who can’t let go of the past will be playing it.This game uses every ounce of cuteness of the Nintendo Wii-U. This is why I can’t take Nintendo seriously. I mean Mortal Kombat X on the Nintendo Wii-U? Maybe the edited version of instead “FINISH HIM!” it would probably say “CUDDLE HIM!” Sorry the rant in me couldn’t help it. The graphics look clean enough and it seem to have some solid platform mechanics.

Mario Maker


Sigh….This is a game where you can create your own mario course. Most likely you would be able to upload your level for others to try. I mean I tried to take this game seriously but no part of me interested in this. Yes I loved my mario days but it didn’t wow me at all. I am sure there is a PC type game out there that is already doing this. Well anyway this gives the inner Mario Fan the chance to make his own creation with all the tools to his commands.

You are God of Super Mario World

You are God of Super Mario World


Bayonetta 2 + 1


The game graphics look a little dated. Not saying the game won’t be fun but just not the best hack and slash game on the block. The game will be shipping with also Bayonetta 1. That version will have some Nintendo type swag bundled with it. I remember the hours playing with Bayonetta. I would pause every time she would do a certain combo. Sometimes I think I caught a glimpse of her panties… I was very young at that time.. The same attitude is back. I think this was the only M17 rated game shown for Nintendo…Epic


Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire


The only thing that Nintendo does right is Pokemon. The king of the Handheld market. The reason why many adults own a 3DS. What more can I say. It is Pokemon.


Nintendo is in it’s own world. I know they can’t keep up with Sony and Microsoft but come on. You can fight in your own way. Show off those IP’s that we all been waiting for. Show us Metroid, Starfox and maybe some F-Zero. They had games like Kirby Rainbow Curse, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker and Xenoblade Chronicles. I would like to say that Xenoblade graphics look crappy. It is almost like you guys are running out of steam. The success of the Wii made yall soft. The casual gamers are not loyal. They will by you then use you. They are not like the gamers who will wait in 5 degree weather to get the new copy of Super Mario 3. That is why the Wii-U is failing. They thought they could dazzle us with the gimmicky controls. Sadly it doesn’t work. Why do you think Microsoft changed up their plan with the Kinect. Xbox One wasn’t flying off the shelves. They sold. But not like the PS4. What I realized is that Nintendo E3 event wasn’t about games. It was about surviving. They are holding on to nostalgia. Sorry but Nintendo did very poorly this year again for E3. I do give them points for the robot chicken skit. That was funny.



Playstation E3 Media Event Review


Ah yes Sony. Last year E3 they went on bad. This year you can tell they had huge expectations. They didn’t meet all of them. To be honest it was hyped in the beginning with the opening of Destiny and The Order. Then coming to the end with Mortal Kombat X, Batman Arkham Knights and  Uncharted 4. The new name for the PS4 will be the Indiestation. Not saying that is a bad thing. Just didn’t wow me like I thought they would. Lets check out the big guns.


This game amazes me everytime I see it. Of course Sony getting exclusive content first. Making this the Console of choice for this game. There will also be a new White Destiny Bundle PS4 coming September 9th 2014. The PS4 will also be getting the Beta first this coming in July 17th 2014. That was pretty cool.

The Order 1866

I am still having second thoughts about this game. Yes the graphics are amazing. The gameplay look solid. Just not feeling it. I guess this game reminds me of Silent Hill. You know with the dark atmosphere and weird looking muntants killing mankind. Either way this is an exclusive game for the PS4. Shaping up to be a good game.

Far Cry 4

I never played Far Cry 3 but from what I saw and heard from my friends they loved it. It seem Far Cry 4 built upon that success and made it even better. The graphics as usual looks clean. The other cool feature that they mentioned is that plyers who own the game could invite friends who don’t own the game to play with them. Which is very cool.

Mortal Kombat X

This game made me want to Finish somebody. I can see this game being the number one fighter for a while. Great graphics, environment interaction new characters and solid gameplay. You can’t ask for more. This is a must have game.

No Man’s Sky

Amazing. This game reminded me of exactly what this little indie game developer intended it to be. An epic Sci-Fi adventure exploring worlds and flying through the galaxies. This game has potential. Hopefully this game isn’t all about exploring. I would love to see if they have a story behind this game. It would be interesting to play this game. Will definitely keep an eye out for this game.

Batman: Arkham Knight 

Unfreaking believable! Are you kidding me! This game showed up and just farted on everything else Sony showed. Seriously! I was literally having multiple orgasms. I couldn’t believe what I saw! I loved the previous Batman games. They just took what I loved and upgraded it to super sayian levels! I would be a fool not to get this game.

Uncharted 4

Shut the Front door. Holy freaking cow balls. This game is sexy. The graphics alone is reason enough to get this game. Every Uncharted game was awesome. This being the last one I am sure they will be going out with a bang.


Now out of the games I presented only 3 are exclusive to Sony. Which brings to mind that the big games like Mortal Kombat X and Batman: Arkham Knight are also on the Xbox One. So really and truly it is all about the exclusive content. They also had a segment about letters and blah blah blah blah. BORING. Dude was dropping stale jokes constantly. They still have faith in the Vita. Sadly. Some games are coming out for the Vita but nothing to really care about. Child of Light and some dumb game called Minecraft will be available for the Vita. To be honest ain’t no one care about that. Then they announced Playstation TV for $99. Sorry PS Fanboys I ain’t feeling that gimmick. I love me some Sony but no. Also Project Morpheous. Epic fail. Another Gimmick.

Sigh.... Hell to the NO!!!

Sigh…. Hell to the NO!!!

Then there was other indie games that ain’t my cup of tea. All in all Sony did a good job but wasn’t spectacular. So who was better. Sony or Xbox? I give a marginal ups to Sony. They showed some big games. Xbox didn’t show us the big games. Just a solid lineup. All that is left is Nintendo. I am afraid to say but could Nintendo come from the back and destroy Sony and Xbox E3 event? We will see!

Xbox E3 Media Event Review


Alright. If you are living in a hole somewhere and don’t know that E3 is today then let me help you. Xbox just had their E3 media event. It wasn’t spectacular. It was a solid presentation. This year instead of talking to the Xbox One and showing hardware as expected it showed games.

Call of Duty Advance Warrior

Was the first game to be shown. Now in my opinion this game is a complete rip from Titanfall. All y’all COD fanboys can bite it. Telling me crap buh Jet Packs will never be in a call of duty game. Anyway we got a good single player gameplay video. Nothing much to geek out on. They got rid of the display hud. Now bullet info is displayed on the gun.

Call of Duty AD

Not really impressed but meh it is another Call of Duty game. Will check it out. Lets move on to something more interesting.


Forza Horizon 2.


This game peaked my interest. I played Forza before and although it is a great game I am not a fan. Always been a fan for the open world type racer. This game got everything I could ever want in a racing game. 1080p sweetness, No lobbies, dedicated servers and it is socially connected. This game got my name written all over it.



From the creators of Left 4 Dead bring us this exciting Co-Op game. Watching the trailer I can tell it will be tons of fun. I remember playing Left 4 Dead back in the day with my friends. Spent 2 hours with those guys. Just to leave them behind. Sigh Good times.


Fable Legends

Not really feeling this game. I mean the whole setup doesn’t feel like Fable. But I guess the Multiplayer aspect of it is something I could try. The idea of playing as the villian was a nice twist. I would of liked to see more of this game.


Rise of the Tomb Raider

Hell freaking YEAH! I loved the first one and couldn’t wait for the second one. I could done see this game is a must have. We can expect the same depth and exploration we fell in love with in the first one. I was totally freaking when I saw the world premier of that trailer.

There were other games that made a debut but none really made me jump out my seat. Well there was one announcement that made me happy like a school girl. So here are the games that are only on Xbox One that I will definitely be getting.


Halo: The Master Chief Collection 

That is right. Halo fans rejoice! We get to play Halo 1 – 4 in all the 1080p glory. They also have kept the original version also. Talk about sweet sweet Halo 2 tea bagging fun. YES!!! Coming with the package is the Halo Nightfall series. They also talked about giving us the beta in December.



AAAAHHHH YEAH!!! Crackdown is back baby! I loved this game! I remember getting the achievement for climbing the tallest building then jumping off to get the other achievement. Collecting orbs…Good Times Good Times. Interesting to see how they will be doing this game. I know many gamers was totally psyched seeing this classic coming to next Gen. I can only imagine the Multiplayer Co-Op craziness that will spawn form this game. This game will be the shiznit!!

There were other announcements that are note worthy. Mighty 9 and this other game called Inside which looked great. I think Xbox did a solid job. They may have not came out guns blazing but they gave us what we wanted. Games. There was also a DLC annoucement that made me laugh.

Will be doing EA and Ubisoft review right now and Sony should on soon. Right now things are looking pretty good for gamers in 2014 and 2015. I know last year E3 Xbox One failed. They did a horrible job. After the DRM fiasco they had to redeem themselves. They presented themselves as an all in one media machine. Did they prove that. Yes they did. Although Sony sold more PS4’s than the Xbox One initially we all know how these things go. Next year the tide may change as far as sales go. Either way the games are coming and it looks good.