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PSN Plus 2014 Preview

plus preview

That is right folks! Make some space on your PSN hard drive! We got Bioshock Infinite and Devil may Cry coming your way! For some people who have no idea what games I am talking about check below to good old faithful Youtube.

That is some good news for me. I always wanted to play Bioshock Infinite. Wasn’t a fan of the first one. So I think it being free on PSN is a good opportunity for me to pick it up and give it a try.

The other games seem nice but the two big AAA games seem like a worthy download. Sadly I have a bunch of games that I haven’t finished yet. Just add it to the back log of games that needs to be finished. So if you are not a PSN Plus member I think it would be a good time to be one.

The 7th District Community Christmas Party


Once again Carib Gamer spreading the joy of gaming to the children of the 7th District community of East End Long Look youths. It is an annual event done around the Christmas Holiday Season. Right in the heart of Long Look park we was able to capture the essence of gaming for the youths.

As we got things up and running we got swamped with excited and eager youths. With free food, drinks and games it was a winning combo of fun in the park.

Mommy putting in work on Forza for the Xbox 360. Best believe she was driving 35 MPH. No joke!!

Mommy putting in work in Forza for the Xbox 360. Best believe she was driving 35 MPH. No joke!!

So much kids we had to put some of the younger teens to work. While we handle the business of getting some of the free food!!

So much kids we had to put some of the younger teens to work. While we handle the business of getting some of that free food!!

The one thing I enjoy about Videogames is that no matter how competitive it may get there was never ever any fighting. No excessive use of curse words. No ignorant gamer acting the fool. Everyone was just having a good time. Many of our returning gamers from previous events surrounded us in anticipation to show off their skills as they trained hard at home. Sadly none can beat me in Naruto Ninja Storm 3.

I destroyed everyones hope that they could beat me. If you think that you have a chance then bring it!

I destroyed everyones hope that they could beat me. If you think that you have a chance then bring it!

Form the conga line!!!

Form the conga line!!!

Food, Fun, Music and free gifts! Can't get no better than this!!

Food, Fun, Music and free gifts! Can’t get no better than this!!

Carib Gamer want to send a shout out to all those who made this event a success. If you want to see more pics of the event check on over at this link on our Facebook page and get involved in the community of gamers in the Caribbean over at:

The pictures over at:

If you want to get in touch with Carib Gamer for any events in the British Virgin Islands send us an email at Till next time stay frosty!!


Naruto Shippuuden Returns 2014!!


Hey my fellow Naruto Fans! I know you are probably wondering….where are my naruto episodes? Well no need to go hunting down torrents. Here is a sneak peak of the schedule for the January line up. It isn’t much but at least you know when to check the Naruto Streams or Naruto Torrents for the next episode.

  • January 09, 2014
    Naruto Shippuden Episode 344 – Obito and Madara
  • January 16, 2014
    Naruto Shippuden Episode 345 – I’m in Hell
  • January 23, 2014
    Naruto Shippuden Special (Episodes 346-347)

We also will be greeted with another ending for this particular arc. I think this is ending number 28 now. I tried looking for it on Youtube but as you know they blocked it. There will be no episode airing January 2nd. The new ending song will air on the 9th of January. I know usually there would be filler episodes in space of no episodes but I am certainly glad that they didn’t do that this time around. Couldn’t stomach watching a useless fluff. Especially where the arc is right now. Ramen to nice to pass up on a fluff episode.

Sorry for the lack of blogs lately. My internet provider was upgrading their system. Which left me like a drug addict going turkey…but I am back! So stay frosty till the 9th of January!!


Merry Christmas From Carib Gamer!!!


It is that time of the year once again where we gather with friends and families to celebrate Christmas. I love this time of the year. Here in the Caribbean we don’t have snow or extreme cold conditions. Instead we bask in the beauty of the Caribbean Sun. As we approach 2014 I want to wish all the readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! You will be seeing another blog very shortly. Waiting for the Doctor Who Christmas special that should be airing very soon. What a great way to end this Christmas Day. With a great Doctor Who episode! See you soon!!

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Naruto Unmasked Shippuuden 343 Review


This is it. I never saw Kakashi sweat so much bullets in all my life. It was like this man got the paternity test from Muary that he is the daddy. I had to watch this episode multiple times just to digest exactly the back story. Lets dig in.

Poor Kakashi. All hung up on the past.

Poor Kakashi. All hung up on the past.

We have Kakashi standing there feeling guilty and ting. Which isn’t like him. He is always calm and in control. Now he look like someone who got punched in the stomach. We have Naruto taking charge and in my opinion that was something we don’t see often. Especially around kakashi. Mighty Guy wasn’t fazed. He knew who it was but still knew that there was a greater problem at hand.



So as Naruto attacked the masked man Mighty Guy got Kakashi back in the game and they went for the final attack. Trust me when I saw Naruto used his shadow clone jutsu I knew he had a trick in mind. This was the coolest part. These guys sure do fight in sync. Naruto didn’t tell Kakashi what he was doing but he knew exactly what to do. When Naruto hit the masked man with the Tail Beast Bomb Kakashi sent the Shadow Clone in the alternate plane with the Masked Man.

Plan 1: Octopops hide me!

Plan 1: Octopops hide me!

Plan 2: Shadow Clone go ghost!

Plan 2: Shadow Clone go ghost!

Plan 3: Tail Beast Bomb send him to alternate plane

Plan 3: Tail Beast Bomb send him to alternate plane

Derp Derp Derp... Can't touch this jutsu

Derp Derp Derp… Can’t touch this jutsu

Plan 5: Say Hello to my little friend!

Plan 4: Say Hello to my little friend!

Plan 5: Remind him that I told ya I was gonna smash that mask!!

Plan 5: Remind him that I told ya I was gonna smash that mask!!

Finally the mask is off and we have Obito. Standing in front of everyone. I checked the time left on the episode and I was glad that we was gonna get a flash back that had my hands sweaty and heart rate pumping…You ask why? Well like every character in the Narutoverse there are two that I really want to know more about. Kakshi and Mighty Guy.

The young yellow shades wearing Obito!

The young yellow shades wearing Obito!

Once again We have another story of boy meets girl. Funny thing is Obito was in the friend zone and hated it. Rin Was in love with Kakashi. Everytime Obito tried to excel Kakashi did it better and first. Then we saw how jealous he was at every turn.



This is where she cast the friendzone jutsu on him...

This is where she cast the friendzone jutsu on him…

Here we got a glimpse into the past of Kakashi’s father. We found out he killed himself. I guess because of shame. That is a interesting fact. So we have the young team on a secret mission. They was being pursued by invisible ninjas and Rin got caught. Kakashi was gonna leave her alone but not Obito. He wasn’t gonna leave his friend…Like that would get him out of the friend zone. Nonetheless we see where Kakashi lost his eye. Also when Obito awakened his sharigan. Also I still think how they transplant eyes is weird. I mean I might not be a doctor but connecting nerves and other important factors when it comes to the eye should be more complicated. These man does just pop it in and out. Either way being crushed by a rock does make it legit that you are practically dead. But what do you know he isn’t dead.

Ow! My eye!

Ow! My eye!

Sharigan awakened!!

Sharigan awakened!!

Yep. I am still in the frienzone aren't I. Crap even being crushed by a big rock you still won't let me touch one boobie..

Yep. I am still in the frienzone aren’t I. Crap even being crushed by a big rock you still won’t let me touch one boobie..

Here we have a happy friendship...

Here we have a happy friendship…

Now we have a bitter friend stuck in the friendzone and hated it.

Now we have a bitter friend stuck in the friendzone and hated it.

You see now what Obito wants to do makes sense. He hated the fact Rin had in the friendzone. So his plan to cast a genjutsu on the world would fix that. Rin would be alive and Kakashi would be dead. Then he would beat Mighty Guy and be the guy for Rin. So once again pussy make man do stupid things. Come on Obito! That is so cliche. What a punk. Dude just move on with your life. Geez just because Rin died without loving you doesn’t mean you have to go and act the fool. Big ninja war because of the infamous friendzone jutsu. Sad.

Ahhh Hell Yeah!

Ahhh Hell Yeah!

Hello Madara. Wait! What Madara here… That means the Kages are dead. We all know he can’t die. The Kages can die. So they must be dead. EPIC!!! Things getting real good! I want more!! Sorry for the late blog. WordPress did this secondary authentication I accepted and couldn’t figure out how to log in my own account. Yeah I know crazy stuff but I got in and I am really hyped about whats to come! So till the next episode stay frosty!!

I will create a world where there will be no friendzone. I will get laid!!

I will create a world where there will be no friendzone. I will get laid!!


The Age of Pirates!

Piratebay.peSo if you are new to the internet then the word torrents or magnet links mean absolutely nothing to you. But if you are from the internet boom age of 2001 then words like Bearshare, KaZaA, Limewire, Frostwire, (Original) Napster, eDonkey Network and the grand daddy Gnutella are familiar. Recently while talking to a friend of mines I over heard a couple talking about how the internet is an evil place for porn and other evil things. Of course they were an older couple that saw a computer as an over sized calculator. I didn’t pay it no mind but that conversation bothered me a little bit. I thought about the amount of porn I downloaded over the years with these programs. Sadly I realized I also downloaded much more than porn since then. It has become very easy for me to gain access to computer games and mp3’s with ease. I think because of this I wanted to become more familiar with computers and the software that made this life possible.

the-best-things-in-life-aaarr-freeWhich brings me to the matter at hand. The Co- Founder of the website oh wait no have been arrested and treated like a terrorist. Reading this article made me think. Check this out.

The Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, known under the alias ‘Anakata,’ is facing hacking charges. The 29-year-old has been jailed in Denmark since November, after being extradited from Sweden.

His mother, Kristina Svartholm Warg, described the conditions her son is being kept in as “torture.” In an interview with RT, she said that Svartholm Warg is denied access to books, media, and computers, and is banned from communicating with other inmates. She personally believes that her son is innocent.

Hacktivist group Anonymous launched an online campaign to protest against the prison’s treatment of Svartholm Warg, calling it “wholly unacceptable” and “inhumane.”

The group demands fair treatment of Svartholm Warg and an end to his isolation. “He is not a terrorist,” it said in a statement.

The group called on supporters to join them on Monday in a ‘tweetstorm,’ using the hashtag #Freeanakata.

Gottfrid Svartholm Co-Founder of Piratebay currently in jail

Gottfrid Svartholm Warg Co-Founder of Piratebay currently in jail

The culture of this digital age we have seen hackers being prosecuted and jailed for cyber crimes. Site owners like Kim Dotcom who owned the Mega Upload website sent to jail for hosting DRM content such as movies and music. Downloading content that you have not bought can get you serious jail time. So why so much people still do it. Why is it so alluring for people to download their favorite TV shows and cartoons willing to risk jail time?

I will try to answer that question. I think it is because it is free and easy. Although many look at that kind of behavior destructive to the movie and music industry it did kind of brought something else to the table. The Prophet Steve Jobs realized that people like to download stuff. It was better than going to your car and buying the CD and ripping it to fit on you phone. So he created the App Store. Revolutionized how we buy music and games. So looking back on it all we basically paved the way for download gratification. Also not to mention the many games we have now with in app purchases and free games that have many people addicted. Games like Candy Crush and Angry Birds. Most games like that would make you spend more than $60 just to be able to get to the next level. Crazy but in this download age I wonder what will be next. I look at sci-fi movies for that answer. Everyday we imagine what we can do and eventually it becomes reality. Then it becomes the Norm and we take a step further.

So what are the plans for the infamous website you ask. Well the Owner had this to say.

The website’s operators said earlier that along with Peru, it had a number of options, for its new domain. They added, however, that they do not plan to be on the run permanently.

The website’s team is working on updating its massively popular web browser, allowing users the opportunity to store and share files without the need for central hosting and domain names, TorrentFreak reported.

Addressing Dutch anti-piracy organization BREIN “and friends,” The Pirate Bay warned that while shutting down domains may currently be an irritant, that loophole will not be open forever.

“They should wait for our new PirateBrowser, then domains will be irrelevant,” the source told TorrentFreak. “Once that is available then all links and sites will be accessible through a perfectly legal piece of browser software and the rest of it will be P2P, with no central point to attack via the legal system.”

The new system will reportedly appear as independent software and Firefox and Chrome plugins.

Look like these boys will keep the piratebay alive and strong. With hacker groups such as anonymous showing support only time will tell if this site will ever go down. Just like the mythical creature Hydra if you cut off one head two grow in its place. Well you get the idea. I don’t see pirating off the internet going anywhere anytime soon. To think of it I really need to grab the Kill La Kill episodes. I heard they are pretty cool. Oops…Ah well.