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Naruto Shippuuden 327 and 328 Review


I know like many of us was looking forward to seeing the back story of Kurama was sadly disappointed. Don’t get me wrong it was still two good episodes but I felt they could of done better with the wasted ink. Not to mention being trapped in Final Fantasy 14 doesn’t make it any easier. That game got me by the balls.

Basically these two episodes showed us why Kurama had so much hatred for humans on a whole. Lots of older episodes starting from the good old Naruto days. I am talking like way back.


The good old days.

I won’t bore you with the past cause we all know how Naruto came from being the problem child of the Hidden Leaf Village to being the hero. Which in my opinion is why we love him so much. Having the Nine Tails in him didn’t make him evil. Actually it made him have more character. It wasn’t an easy road for him. Where we see the plan Kurama had to give him chakra from time to time. Using the hatred to his advantage.


You wouldn’t like me when I am mad!


From zero to hero. Only in Anime

So really and truly episode 327 was just a good review of the life of the Nine tails observing Naruto growing up. So lets fast forward to the matters at hand. We have Naruto in the belly of the beast. Literally. Just marinating on a monkeys tongue. Getting in some quality time with his inner Jinchuriki. Then mister masked man found out he was in the belly and decided to just absorb both of them inside of him one time. So the clock started the countdown. That is when Naruto woke up from his little nap and realized it is time to go.


I don’t know about you but I don’t think that mouth ever saw a toothbrush or mouthwash. Just saying….


If he won’t open his mouth I guess I will just make him vomit me out. Just when I thought I saw everything…

Yep. I must remember that to much Naruto is bad for my health. The problem still remained. Naruto was determined to free the Monkey King Goku. I mean seriously DBZ fans have to find that funny. When Naruto found the steel rod that was controlling him he tried to set him free. Only to find out that it wasn’t as simple as he thought. The chains only got stronger and grabbed him. Just like Saturday morning cartoons the villain seem to have the upper hand. Naruto was being sucked in by the chains, Kakashi and Guy was busy fighting off the other tailed beasts. The eight tails was busy holding the Monkey King Goku. To make things even worse Kurama didn’t look like he was gonna lend any more chakra to Naruto. So how did this cliff hanger ended.


I knew I should of did that Insanity Workout


Screw it! Gonna just use a clone and hit it from the inside!


King Kong ain’t got nothing on me!!

This was a good episode but didn’t meet my expectations. I really wanted to see the real past of the Nine tails. I wanted to see the time when they were with the sage of the six paths. I wanted to see the reason the Nine tails is so bitter. I wanted to see how Madara was able to make the Nine tails his pet. I really wanted to see much more than a side story of Naruto. We all know him by now. What we didn’t see hopefully will be explained later. As of now the main arch is still on track and full of excitement. I wonder how the Kages are doing against Madara. I wonder what mischief Sasuke is getting himself in. So much things going on so little time. I guess the next episode coming we may get at least one of those questions answered. Well until then stay frosty!!

Carib Gamer Vlog Wii-U Episode and Other News

In this episode we tackle the big N company and their new handheld. We also touched on other things going on in the Videogame world. Take a seat and get the carib gamer spin on things!!

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Weapon Attachment Review BF4


Today is Battlefield day. Don’t ask me why but I just feel like it. DooM49 uploaded a very informative video about what we should be expecting with the weapon attachments in Battlefield 4.

The game is shaping up to be one hell of a game. I am just glad to see it being part of the EGL (Electronic Gaming League). Also some word on the spotting. I saw this one right here at check it out.

Just yesterday, we talked about how Battlefield 4 is taking advantage of the PS4′s DualShock 4′s touchpad, and tilt sensors.

Now, we also know which button will be used to “spot” enemies, which button knife takedowns have been switched to and more.

Over on Reddit, eSports commentator and BF4 live-stream host GoldenboyFTW (Alex Mendez) has divulged a few BF4 details from his hands-on with the PS4 version at gamescom.

First off, he mentions how R1 is now used to spot, which readers using controllers on PC will be familiar with. While holding the R1 button is known to bring up a radial menu (commorose on console), tapping it will “spot” enemies.

I had a chance to play the PS4 version at Gamescom and spotting is done with R1 for sure. Oh and it plays wonderfully!

Of course, seeing as R1 will be used for spotting/radial menu, and the R2 trigger is now being used to fire your gun, where does this leave the knife button? Well, it seems it’s either going to be mapped to the circle button or by pushing in R3 (which was used to crouch and go prone). Here’s Mendez’s response:

It was either circle or pushing in the R3 button.

I know what you’re thinking; if knife takedowns are using the circle or R3 button, where does that leave the “use” and “prone” inputs? Sadly, that’s not clear for now. However, there is a silver-lining for those who cringed when DICE revealed that aiming down sight and firing will be relegated to the L2/R2 buttons instead of the PS3′s L1/R1 configuration.

According to Mendez, DICE will be offering an “alternate” control scheme, though he mentions using L2 and R2 are “very comfortable.”

You will feel very comfortable with it BUT they said they are providing the alternate version.

Well, there you go. Hopefully, offering an alternate control method should make Battlefield console vets feel right at home straightaway.

For more on BF4, make sure to read up on how DICE won’t be making yearly iterations of the franchise, the complete weapon camos detailed, and how the final base game will have 7 game modes across 10 multiplayer maps.

Thanks, Jonathan Mejia

I am loving the feedback from pro gamers about how the game will feel. I am already drooling from all this info. I can’t wait to jump on and get a feel for myself. I just hope the beta coming in October don’t have me falling through the floor…

BF3 Epic Montage


Almost every Wednesday the HTKU clan gathers together to practice their most favorite game. Battlefield 3. So in the spirit of this practice session I present to you this epic montage.

Then one of the members tagged me in this video. It reminds me even gamers can complete douche bags when it comes to the ladies. This video isn’t good for the little children so please be mindful of that..

Fan Expo Canada 2013

Fan expoReporting live from Canada Dwayne the epic gamer/comic international superstar was at this epic convention. There was fights and long lines. Fanboys was in full force and he gave us the run through on everything we all can expect coming from Xbox One and PS4.

Deadpool like a Boss...

Deadpool like a Boss…

He gave us a quote on our Caribbean Gamer Network page on Facebook about his experience

ok back from fan expo and i have played both xbox one and ps4 now,first off i like both controllers,the xbox controller is pretty much the same size and the xbox 360 control but it feels a bit more form fitting,they didnt change too much it terms of shapes or triggers but the slight differences made it fit really nice in the hands,the same can also be said for the ps4 control,i have never been a fan of the ps control since the ps3 but this felt like they payed a bit more attention to comfort over style,sleek and smooth and the triggers are a little smaller but feel good in the hand still,ok in terms of size of the actual consoles they are roughly about the same size so who dont like the shape of whichever one you just being gay…lol,anyway i played black flag for ps4 and i played killer instinct,forsa and watchdogs for xbox one,i was a little disappointed that sony only had blackflag and gt 6,i like both titles but thats not what i was expecting from sony,black flag is beautiful,makes ac3 look cheesy in terms of visuals,tourismo is also very pretty,i kinda got lost in the graphics and crashed the car a couple,overall anyone who buys this system wont be disappointed to me,sony seemed to be very polished,on to xbox one,i played killer instinct first….and man is that game rendered nicely,it is very nice looking and fun to play but i would have to have my hands on it for a little while cause the fighting style is a definitely reminiscent of street fighter,so i played forsa and it was pretty much on the same level as tourismo…a little easier to play but if you know the franchise it’s always been like that,so…that leads me to the highlight of my day…Watchdogs…man,what can i say…the game will kick all kind of ass on launch,i was bugging out,dude can hack just about everything in the game,cellphones,security cams,laptop cams,bluetooth headsets, you name it…he can hack it,they let me play free roam and man Aiden is gangsta in just about everything he does,just a simple foot chase looks sick and dude does parkour over stuff so his movements are fluid,you can hack cell sites to gain a wider grid of what you can get into and from what the developer who was there told me dude pretty much has chicago on lock by the end of the game…visual it’s probably the best thing i saw today,didnt get to play the titanfall demo the line was banana’s but i asked about it and the nerdgasms were cracking me up,they were litterally getting back in a hour and a half wait just to play again for maybe 10 minutes…

There you have it. This brave reporter fought through angry Sony fanboys and relaxed in the peaceful Xbox line. Of course there was other activities at the Fan Expo in Canada. I just wish I could of been there to enjoy the experience. Alas we have pictures from the event that will suffice.

Getting a hands on experience with the epic game from Ubisoft Assassin Creed 4 Black Flag.

Getting a hands on experience with the epic game from Ubisoft Assassin Creed 4 Black Flag.

I feel so ashamed to be a Sony Fanboy. To know they were acting so....childish. Just more flames for my Xbox counterpart to rip on me...

I feel so ashamed to be a Sony Fanboy. To know they were acting so….childish. Just more flames for my Xbox counterpart to rip on me…

All is peaceful in the Xbox One line. I guess all the raging adolescent fanboys jump ship over to Sony leaving the real mature fans behind.

All is peaceful in the Xbox One line. I guess all the raging adolescent fanboys jump ship over to Sony leaving the real mature fans behind.

Watchdogs in all its wonderful hacking glory...

Watchdogs in all its wonderful hacking glory…

Just really show that the console gaming industry still got a lot of fight left in it. With more games on the horizon things look promising. Sony pushing indie games and the Xbox One really pushing the first party titles like rain. I won’t lie the Xbox one really doing its best to recover from the previous blunder that was the Xbox one. I kind of like it. Just hoping to the almighty God that BF4 looks good on the PS4.

Ibb and Obb Review

With the huge influx of indie games coming on the Playstation 3 it would only be a matter of time before one caught our eye. So if you feeling nostalgic Give Ibb & Obb a try!

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