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Doctor Who review: Hide & Journey to the Center of the Tardis


This episode was freaky! I was both scared and freaked out. Many points in this episode had me wondering about everyone. Including the Tardis.

Let me begin with the Ghost-busters reference. Very cheesy. I hope to God they will never do that again. Moving on we are at a haunted house with a man who evidently done many bad things in his past. I can already see how the Doctor can associate with him. Then we have the em-path. A psychic that can feel the emotions of a person. This girl can tell what you are feeling. A blessing and a curse. So we have the Doctor rambling about stuff and talking about irrelevant things as usual. Then as the Doctor and Clara walk towards the heart of the house things start to get spooky. As the lightening flash you see this figure in the shadows lurking. Then all of a sudden the place gets real cold. We all know what that means. Things are about to go down. Real fast. The psychic started to call out to the ghost and it came out.


All hell broke lose and the Doctor was not his usual self. He seemed like he couldn’t understand what was going on. We all know he loves things that he doesn’t understand. So like a kid in a candy store he began to investigate. This is the interesting part. The Doctor and Clara was walking up to the tardis Clara stated that she felt like the tardis was watching her. And that the tardis doesn’t like her. Why would the tardis not like her. This is the second time that this was mentioned. I know they are stringing us along with this story but I know there is a method to the madness. All shall be revealed. So the Doctor told her that she have to be nice to the tardis.


So Doctor went back in the past before the house was built and took pictures. He jumped in out of time doing that and suddenly Clara realized something. The Doctor have been de synthesized to the fact he knows the end of the earth. The many lives that will perish. Clara said something that made me think. She said that to the Doctor we are all ghosts. In reality she is right. If you know our end and have the opportunity to talk to us before the said time event wouldn’t it be like talking to a ghost. The Doctor had a good response and he calls us a mystery

Interesting enough we reached the point where the Doctor figured out the ghost is just another time traveler stuck in a pocket universe. The Doctor made a way to get the lady. Sadly he got stuck after saving her. Clara ran to the tardis and we see the tardis talk back to her. I wonder what beef the tardis have with her. Hmm Hopefully we shall find out. Long and short this episode is building on things to come.


Basic Mode…. epic fail

Which brings me to this epic episode. Journey to the center of the tardis. Look fellow Whovians. This episode just pissed me off. Not that it was a bad episode but it gave me a taste of answers. Gave me a glimpse of what could be. Now the Doctor gave Clara a chance to ride the tardis. That moment as the shields dropped a salvaging team captured them. Placed a bomb inside and caused massive damage. Now we have the Doctor and Clara separated. Three guys who are looking for treasure. The Doctor realizing who he was up against decided to get a little crazy and started a timer to explode the tardis. We all know he would never do that. He loves the tardis more than anything else. So we know he was bluffing. He likes to bluff.

Now we have the infamous evil monster running around in the tardis. Now I was trying my best to figure out what they were. I know they had to come from somewhere. But where was the question.

Ah the things I could learn from this room

Ah the things I could learn from this room

Now I have a few points that I want to bring to light.

  1. Clara stumbled upon a room. A library that contained information that any real Whovian would love to read or see. History of the planet of the Time Lords. All the knowledge contained in a bottle. Epic stuff if you ask me.
  2. Clara opened the “book”. Yes the holy grail of the Doctor. Contained “His Name” ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!! All the years of people traveling with the Doctor and no one ever just rolled in there and read the book. I guess because the Tardis was blown up and about to explode many of the places became accessible.
  3. One of the salvagers felt the tardis. We found out that he wasn’t an android and he felt the tardis in pain. How is that possible. He even knew what to do to be safe from the evil echoes.
The heart of the tardis in pieces...

The heart of the tardis in pieces…

Those are just some points that I found very interesting from this episode. There was a little bit more that was revealed like the Doctor exposing his real motive behind having her with him. Then we have Clara knowing his name. I mean come on!! Then they throw us the whole MIB you won’t remember anything time travel bull crap. GRRRR I hate that!! Just when things was getting juicy it goes back to normal. At least we know that the secrets that the Doctor is running from will be revealed soon. Sorry for the late review. Had business to take care of at work. So till later stay frosty!!

Guacamelee Epic Review


This is the most epic review for Guacamelee you will ever find on the internet. Why you ask? Well because I am a gamer and not a hype machine.

Let us begin with my PS Vita. It died on me and I had no internet. Yes my internet decided to stop working. So bored out of my mind I decided to fix my PS Vita. It wasn’t charging and I got my screw driver and some super glue and I went to town.

This is what happens when you have no internet and idle hands.

This is what happens when you have no internet and idle hands.

So the good news doesn’t stop there. I decided to turn on my PS3 and play some Naruto Ninja Storm 3. What did I found in my inbox.

I love free money!

I love free money!

Just like that I now have money to buy a game. So I logged in to my neighbours WiFi for a hot minute to try and download a game to play while I have no internet. To my surprise Guacamelee was for $11 for PSN Plus users. That was a set up.


Let me state for those who want to know how good this game is. This is an excellent game. If you loved Metroid, Mario or even Castlevania Symphony of the Night then this game will be a dream for you. I love this game. Not only is this game fun but the graphics in the game is crisp and clean. The animation is fluid and smooth. The story is hilarious and gripping. The only drawback for this game would be how short it is. Replay value is not so high. I mean you can play to get 100% and play with a friend. Those are nice things that make the game more exciting.


Uploading the save data from my PS Vita. Was playing it at the bank.

A feature that PS Vita owners will rejoice about is the cross buy feature. Buying this game will give you access to the Vita version. Both play the same and both look stunning. It was an easy process to continue your game on the go. On the PS3 or PS Vita you go to options and upload your save data to the cloud. Now I think if you are a PSN Plus user you get this feature. Seeing how you need access to the cloud. Once you upload the save data just go over to the console of choice and continue where you left off.


Downloading the save data to my PS3

The process is quick and easy. This is a feature that I feel Sony should exploit. They have a very powerful handset and it is failing big time. I think it is down there somewhere with the Wii-U. Nonetheless I enjoyed playing this game. This is a great pick up and go game. The Combos in the game is easy and not to much pressure is upon you to perfect it. The game helps you become a combo master without you knowing it. So if you are afraid of games with complicated controls don’t worry about this game. Very simple but yet complicated for those who want to be a master. The price is right also and if you are a PSN plus user it is even cheaper.

Now where did I see this before...

Now where did I see this before…

This gae pays homage to great classics such as metroid and other side scroll beat-em ups games. I loved the humour and the dialogs between you and other characters. This is where this game shines. There isn’t no voice acting but they tell a great story that isn’t boring. There was a part in the game where you think that you found the princess and the evil lady nemesis said “Sorry the princess is at another castle.” Now if you know your games that was taken from Super Mario World. I loved it. So if you are bored like me and want a great side game to play I recommend Guacamelee. Till later stay frosty!


Battlefield 4 on the PS3 or PS4?

Now Luetin09 posed a very good question in this video. Which got me thinking should I really get BF4 for the PS3 and get a scaled down version. The fact the PS4 is not Backward Compatible will I be able to continue my game save on the PS4. Also I know for a sure fact the servers for the PS3 will not be crossing over to those on the PS4. Which means the online stats would not be carried over. What will Dice do. Somehow as Luetin09 pointed out this is an EA move. Trying to maximize on this game. EA know the amount of sheep out there right now will be buying this game.


Buying the PS4 is inevitable but having to buy the game a second time just for the upgraded graphics and probably other DLC is insane. Also what will happen to a gamer who buys the premium content for the PS3. Will he have to buy it again for the PS4. Once again the PC players have the upper hand. They will be buying the optimized version on day one. Which brings me to my final point.

What will Dice do. Will they make the transition for console gamers much easier. I hope I am not venting to early but looking at Dice track record for handling delicate issues and I can say I am pretty much screwed. So will you buy the game twice? Will you wait for the PS4 to be released then buy BF4? Or will you join me and become an angry sheep and demand an easy transition. Here is an idea Dice. Use cloud saves to continue on the PS4. Also use the origin account to tell the PS4 what content we already paid for and unlock it on the PS4. Don’t be a douche bag.

We are watching....

We are watching….

Doctor Who: Cold War Review


So once again I have the honour of thanking my local internet provider for the blackout. Nonetheless I am back and popping. So Saturday we had a very interesting episode of Doctor Who. There wasn’t a bad guy per say. He was just a very confused and dangerous alien from Mars. Now here is the kicker. He was frozen for couple thousand years and woke up to this poor guy thawing him out. I mean talk about cranky. So we have all the ingredients for a classic Doctor Who episode. Well not everything. Where is the Doctor?

Viva Las Vegas!!!

Viva Las Vegas!!!

I mean after all the years the Doctor been flying the Tardis and he still don’t like knowing where he is going. I mean there were episodes where he would know where he is going but sometimes he likes the feeling of not knowing. He love living on the edge buddy. So now that the Doctor is in the house er I mean Sub let the chaos begin. So because the cranky martian caused the submarine to sink things got real fast quick and in a hurry. Luckily for the Germans the Doctor is there. Funny thing here we always was told that during the cold war the Nazi is the bad guys. Here we have a german submarine carrying nukes that can destroy the world and the Doctor is helping them stay alive. Which brings me back to my first point that this episode is quite interesting. We have two enemies that are not bad. Just meeting each other at a bad time. So in reality the doctor was keeping the peace between the martian and germans.

So anyway as usual somebody does something incredibly stupid. Someone shocked the martian unconscious. The Doctor was shocked when he heard his name. He instantly knew they were in deep trouble. Funny thing about the Doctor when he said they go way back you can almost sense that he had a battle with them once or twice. Somehow I feel we will be introduced to a back story of this somehow.

Look all I want to do is use the bathroom.

Look all I want to do is use the bathroom.

So since the Doctor have him put in chains they try to establish communication. One thing we know about the Doctor is he can talk his way out of almost anything. If he was a used car sales man he would be rich. Well since everyone there had been in war the only option was to send in the companion. Now remember the Doctor searched all over the universe and in time to find Clara. Now he is sending her in a room with a very angry alien that might kill her. Classic Doctor Who. So anyway he sends her in and as you know it the thing we saw walking all slow like the hulk was an armour. Color me purple. Martian slithered away like a huge lizard. I always thought they were small little green men.

Well he almost look like him...

Well he almost look like him…

The martian began his rampage. Gathering information and understanding his position. He was and still is a hero of mars. He is like the Duke of Mars. We have a moment where Clara and the german scientist are walking through the submarine and talking about different things. Then out of the blue he asked Clara about the future. HE seemed serious. Clara backed up in shock. She continued to say no and the scientist kept on asking her about the future. Then at the height of suspense he asked if the the group Ultravox stay together. With a sigh of relief Clara smiled and realized that this german scientist is just to funny.

For some reason I feel very safe around him.

For some reason I feel very safe around him.


Hmm I wonder if he has a hard time finding gloves…

Then BAM! Just like that he grabs her head and just when we think the martian gonna snap her head like a peanut the scientist pop some shots like Clint Eastwood. Then he slithered around and grabbed his head. Just then the Doctor came in with the captain to help talk his way out of having the scientist head popped like bubble wrap. Do you remember the armour that was in chains. Well the suit can move on its own. EPIC. Thing like knight rider. Rolled in like a boss. Had even the Doctor in shock. So the martian realized he is all alone and decided to just blow up the earth. I mean what would you do if you woke up after 5000 years and all that you loved is dust. Might as well just blow everything up right. So they have a stand off. The Doctor and the martian.

Let us see who will blink first Doctor.

Let us see who will blink first Doctor.

As you know the Doctor was willing to destroy himself and everyone in the submarine just so that he won’t destroy the earth. Admiral but crazy. Just when you think the Doctor would destroy everything with his trusty sonic screwdriver the martian brothers found him and rescued them all. Happy ending right. Well not really. The Tardis decided to run away inside the submarine and teleported itself  to the other pole. Comedy. All in all I liked this episode but I am wondering when will we see some back story to Clara. What makes her so unique. Why is she scattered through time retaining her looks and personality. She was able to hack the Daleks and make them forget the Doctor. She was able to find the Doctor twice and died. Yet she is alive with him now. Come on we want answers. Stop stringing us along. Ah well I guess I will enjoy the ride. Till next time stay frosty!



Naruto Shippuuden 308 Review


This episode had me thinking. Can we see the same deep heart throbbing love affair between Naruto, Hinata and Sakura. I can only dream. So we all know this episode was coming. This was basically an open shut case. So we have the past lovers being joined once again but not on the terms she always wanted.

Yeah he got murked.

Yeah he got murked.

To see your lover dead is not only traumatic but life changing.

To see your lover dead is not only traumatic but life changing.

After Yugao saw her lover dead she swore that she will avenge her lover at any cost. So she fought and fought till one day after the fighting she couldn’t stand seeing a sword any more. Which in my opinion was kind of good. The human mind can only take so much and the only way for her to cope was to not fight and not remind herself of her dead lover. You have to understand in Naruto when someone is in love they go hard. I wonder of the world we live in took this concept to heart if we would be better off. Sorry if I sound soft hearted but watching episodes like this makes me all fuzzy inside. Don’t worry 5 minutes playing Gears of War can fix that. After an intense battle Sakura and the other ninja team was able to subdue the other two ninjas. Leaving Hayate Gekko with the scroll running free.

There is a time to mourn and a time to kill. It is Time to Kill.

There is a time to mourn and a time to kill. It is Time to Kill.

So after a good pep talk from Sakura Yugao realized that she had to be the one to finish him. I want to add here that Sakura need to just stop this thing for the douche bag Sasuke. I mean really the dude tried to kill you and if Naruto didn’t save you we wouldn’t be here cause Naruto would of killed Sasuke one time. But I guess that is how she perceive love.

One of the many flash backs that reminded her of the time they has with each other.

One of the many flash backs that reminded her of the time they has with each other.

A warm embrace can speak a multitude of words.

A warm embrace can speak a multitude of words.

So like every episode there comes the ending. The point where you know someone will die. What will overcome. What will be the defining factor in the fight. That is where we are now. The point where both lovers are facing each other in battle. I understand that this is a semi fluff episode but it still have meaning. It goes to show that even though this is about Naruto we can pull from other characters that are in the background. Adding depth and meaning to the narutoverse. I guess that is why I love this anime so much.

This is where you say "FINISH HIM" in the mortal kombat voice.

This is where you say “FINISH HIM” in the mortal kombat voice.

I won’t lie I kind of liked this episode. I know we didn’t get the main arc this time around but it goes to show the narutoverse is full of life. I guess till the next episode stay frosty!!




Interview with “Versus”


So you have heard me talk about this place called Versus. Well The owner gave me an exclusive tour before the grand opening Saturday April 13th 2013 3pm for the Gears of War Judgement Throwdown. Let me be clear. This place is not your average arcade room. This is a gamer doing an arcade room.

Walking in the initial response you will have is breath taking. From the incredible professional atmosphere to the stretch of screens that seem to have no end. Versus is THE place to get your game on. With 10 screens at the bottom and 5 bigger screens to the top we are in gamer heaven.

This is the ultimate man cave/ arcade/ Dojo for gamers

This is the ultimate man cave/ arcade/ Dojo for gamers

The British Virgin Islands house many AAA class gamers but most are self proclaimed in their minds. They never had the opportunity to really test their skills side by side another gamer. Which Carib Gamer found out early in our tournaments. In this society that we live in many think that playing online will make you the best. That is not true. There is something about being next the person you playing against and seeing the reaction of their face when you accomplished a 20 hit combo or that dunk in NBA2K13. Thus Versus is born. As you know he spared no small amount of detail to this magnificent place. Don’t worry fan boys he got both PS3 and Xbox 360 hooked up and ready to go. So no need for you to have a temper tantrum.

Tokens with a splash of elegance

Tokens with a splash of elegance

So how does this operation works. Well you pay the owner and you receive a token. $1 gives you 10 minutes. $5 gets you an hour he throws in an extra token and once you place your tokens in the timer begins. He will be having a membership also for those serious gamers like myself. The idea he gave me was one that is flexible and easy to work with. There will be 3 packages. The first package would be for 2 days out of the week unlimited gaming. 2nd package 3 days out of the week. Then the 3rd package 4 days out of the week. Respectively $30, $40 and $50. Also to keep in mind there will be themes to these days. Say for example 2 days would be FPS day. Then the other 2 days would be sports. So you can customize your package to the themes that would be available. Of course you still have the choice to what game you would want to play so either way this is a great way to train and be better.

The hours of operation would be from 9am to 9pm. Essentially he set it up in blocks. From 9am to 5pm are for the walk ins and casual gamers. Then from 5pm to 9pm for the members and hardcore gamers who want to perfect their game style. This is a dream come true for the BVI. I am glad to see Gaming in the BVI take off and I will continue my support for Versus by hosting many tournaments and events at this prestige location.

This is so sexy...

This is so sexy…

So if you are interested and excited as I am Versus is located at Radio Doctor at the back door. If you are a gamer and want to game hard this is the place to come. Also the grand opening is Saturday 13th 2013 at 3pm.