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Iron Man: Rise of Technovore

I am definitely gonna check this film out!! Punisher where you been!!!

Dr. Blake in the House!!!

So if you are like many gamers and strapped for cash and your controller been through many Rage Fits then Check out this video by Dr. Blake.

mean glen

Call of Duty: Ghosts Leaked info

This is some interesting news. It if this news is legit then we could have some serious issues here. Now I am really not to fond of the whole future setting using present day guns tone. Maybe there was a Y2K bug or something. Whatever the case is that is the direction they are going. Supposedly. Also if I heard correctly they are looking to only release on the next gen consoles. Epic fail. With BF4 confirmed for release on the current consoles which have a wider unit base would be market suicide.


I personally think Call of Duty would have to do some dramatic stuff to keep the interest alive. The sliding move he spoke of is already implemented in Medal of Honor so to me that is a rip. Nothing there to make me go crazy for. Destructible environments… Please try not to copy BF4. Cause we all know that they have that hands down. Not sure if the hype train for Call of Duty will do it justice but only time will tell. Cause we all know the mass followers will buy it.

Interesting enough they dropped the Modern Warfare tag. I guess the court battle with former Infinity Ward Employees had something to do with that. I had a feeling they would of gone that way and try to start from fresh. I hope that they bring something different to the table. I highly doubt it watching their track record but I can only hope. I don’t think the Lone Wolf will be buying this for the clan. Unless they show me something to hope for then maybe. Sadly I am a FPS whore and will buy it for myself. Complain like a little girl and sell it.

Naruto Shippuuden 305 review


Once again the powers of good overcome the powers of darkness. This is a classic Saturday morning cartoon episode. What I found out about this episode is that true strength is not in how powerful you are but the friends or the bonds that you have with your “nakama” is where you strength really lies.

This episode continues where Shikamaru and the gang are trapped in a Soul Transfer Jutsu. Things don’t look good for the Hidden Leaf Ninjas. As their friends are trying their hardest to keep their chakra flowing a serious battle rages on. The reanimated Sound 4 ninjas revealed the source of their power. The Back story on this one was pretty generic. The power of hatred will give them more power. Blah Blah Blah Blah. Sometimes that kind of stuff gets old. Orochimaru and his gay lover did some experiment on the Sound 4. Revealing to them even after death they will be given more power fuelled by hatred.


Now I am sure they didn’t get the memo but they forgot one simple thing. Naruto. That boy named Shikamaru always got a plan. What plan can this be. Well he used the same hatred against them. Naruto can sense evil. So the best way to be found is to magnify that evil signal. So just like that as they thought becoming powered up would help them inadvertently became their doom.


Yeah that is what he likes. Watch him nuh….

Just like that Naruto found them. They was saved and the Sound 4 is no more. So what can we expect the next episode. Oh nothing special BUT A STUPID FILLER!! Ah well I guess they need time to get some back story in. Ah well till the next episode stay frosty!!


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Gears of War: Judgement

So people who know me understand my love hare relationship with the Xbox 360. Well there comes a time when I set aside my hatred and show it some love. There are a few games that make me dig deep into my wallet and find a cheap Xbox selling somewhere. One of those games is Gears of War. Ask anyone at DoubleKO about the Gears of War 3 throwdown. It was epic!! So once again we are introduced with another gears. This time it is a prequel. We all saw that coming. I checked IGN and they gave it a 9.5.


So I got my Gears of War boots… Picking up an Xbox 360… Then it is gonna be on like donkey kong!! Hopefully my wing man Blake will be going up against the Locust with me this time. I call dibs on Cole!!!!


Oh Sega what are you up to?

SEGA NEW PROJECT 0328 - Mozilla Firefox_001

So loafing on the internet near 2:00 am I saw this link about Sega doing a website teaser for a PS3 and PS Vita game. What is going on!! Was there a memo that was sent out about teasing websites with game releases on a certain date. I blame you PS4 for this new form of Hype train. But you know I will be checking this site out to see what they gonna be bringing out.

The background have grass. So it could be a sports game. Then it could be a new sonic. Well I know one thing is certain Japan is gonna be getting it first. Sadly no news for the Wii-U. I feel so sorry for nintendo right now…epic fail. So what do you have for us Sega? I hope this will be worth the wait!!