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Rolando interview Winter Brawl 7

Just a little insight to on what drives him. I know one thing for sure is that I am very thankful for VXG. To have the same caliber of tournament as those in the states. So enjoy the video and see you at the VXG 2013!!!


What’s Hot on PSN Vlog episode 3

I enjoy these vlogs by Blake Boy…. Why? Easy cause with all the games to catch up on who knows what is available for the hectic gamer lifestyle! So if you haven’t already started to download then I think you need to pick up this gem of a game!! Vanquish!!!

mean glen

Quick Thoughts on PS4 Conference

The internet was a buzz February 20th after the PS4 was revealed. As I said I wasn’t to much impressed. Yes I am a fan boy but still I have my reserves about certain things. Some will argue that Sony did a piss poor job showing us what we all wanted to see. The console. They showed lots of games. They showed us the controller. Hmmm where did I saw that. Oh yeah Nintendo. Although they did much better than Nintendo as far as content is concerned. I did enjoy seeing Watchdogs, Second Son, Killzone and the old guy.


Just watching him makes me wonder….so much emotion….Nah screw that. Show me that in game and then I will be all over it. Just like the last set of tech demos in the past Sony always promised awesome graphics but I guess this time they better deliver. No more excuses. It is time to put up or shut up. Like many hardcroe sony fans we wanted to see more IP’s and no gimmick crap. I know some was amazed to see the puppets playing a band. I wasn’t. Why? Cause I know that will only be good for parties and people who like to play crap on the Wii. Games like what capcom showed with the dragon and the knight made my geek goosebumps raised. Thing was i thing of beauty.

Two Words. Dragon age.

Two Words. Dragon age.

While I may add the Killzone Shadow Fall looks great. I am not thinking that it will be the best thing ever. We all know what happened to the multiplayer portion of the game. They couldn’t keep up to the likes of Call of Duty series. Not to mention the titan Battlefield 3. Hopefully they learn from their mistakes and not try to be like those games and walk its own path.

There was another great game that showed. This game is a must have for the christmas. Watchdogs. The game looks awesome. I can’t wait to get my sweaty hands on it.

So with all the talk the PS4 will be doing everything rest heavily on the internet. They talked about downloading in the background. Downloading while it is off. Watching you sleep and talk to your girl on the side. Hey if you are having a hard time passing a level in a game your friend on your list can help you out. Literally. Take over your controls and play your game. Do I like that. No. Do I want that. No. Do I need that. No. I guess there tons of noobs out there who need someone to hold dem hand while playing games. Mehson if you can’t pass the level then you need to play on the Wii-U. I guess I will see how this PS4 will make me more social than before. I do enjoy the Ustream intergration. Can share to the rest of my HTKU clan memberss me tea bagging some helpless noob. All done witha press of the share button. Well here is to hoping for the best. Now if we can see what the Xbox 360 will be doing then we can get on with our lives and start whoring ourselves to a million fat chicks so we can afford to purchase these time consuming devices. Stay Frosty!!

Naruto Shippuuden review: 300-301


Well Well my fellow Naruto fans. These two episodes are quite strange but interesting at the same time. Almost like I was watching a Saturday morning cartoon.

So let me start with episode 300. We are at the front lines with Gaara and Ohnoki. After the heart felt moment with Gaara and his father we have the last battle with the two legendary shinobi. Now tell me this. We have ninjas that can defy gravity. Use chakra to their own benefits. Yet this old ninja Ohnoki have a problem with his back. Every time he do something strenuous he pulls his back. So he playing young is fighting one of his former friends who supposedly was his master at some point in time. Of course I done know what would happen. His back will be the death of him. I just know his back will get him killed. Well anyway as two of them are fighting Gaara leaves his troops behind to help him. Now the troop he left behind was real comedy. Gonna come back to them.


So we have two particle jutsu users going at it. Gaara can’t keep up and the old man back keep getting in the way. Not sure why he is bandaged up like a mummy but he sure is powerful. Which makes me think how did these guys died. I mean they sure do know alot and can really hold their ground. So as things was looking grim who comes to the rescue? Naruto of course! Like a boss he swoops in and rasengan he backside. Epic.


So back to the comedy hour. Gonna call this very cool ninja Wispy Whiskers. Why cause he gets mad everytime they call him that. So his technique is very deceiving. Uses mirages and have this giant clam. This clam spits out a mist from the back and camouflages itself and wispy whiskers. Making him a hard target to find. So while the comedy hour ninjas waste time trying to hit him Gaara and Ohnoki go to their aid. While Naruto went over to help Temari. That is the chick with the huge fan. Wind style ninja. So while Gaara was being pushed around by Wispy Whiskers they was looking for the real image. Being a distraction he used his sand to blow over every part of the battlefield and boom they found him. Sadly grandpa was the one to give the final blow. Yep as we all know what would happen. He used up all his chakra doing the particle jutsu and he only have one more thing he can do. Hit it with his fist. Now don’t get me wrong for an old man he still can throw down. Sadly age will be his death. As he broke the clam using his huge rock fist he rendered useless. Why? Well his back gave out on him. Leaving him helpless.


BOOM one shot to the back. Is he dead… I don’t know. But I hope that blast fix his back once and for all. So on to the next episode. We have the Third Raikage vs Temari. The third is literally a beast. He has the best defence and offence. He is like hulk. Tough skin makes him really durable. Oh did I mention he is stupid fast. They aren’t even able to lay a finger on this man. So while they are fighting him he is trying to help them by giving the tips. Sadly all Temari and her efforts are in vain. So just when she thought all is lost who comes to save the day…again. Naruto. I telling you this man running on all. He must of had a Ninja Red Bull cause he just all over the place.

Sorry Naruto not even your Rasen Shurikin can stop him.

Sorry Naruto not even your Rasen Shuriken can stop him.

So Naruto used his Rasen Shuriken on him and was in shock to see him get up like it was nothing. Mind you he didn’t reanimate. This was just his own tough skin and electricity shield. Beastly. Yes. So while everyone was in shock the one eye ninja Dodai done see what is going on. He grabbed Naruto and bust camp.

The Peircing Four Fingered Thurst of Hell

The Piercing Four Fingered Thrust of Hell

So just like that my boy got controlled by Kabuto. I really don’t like that dude. But anyway he want to buy time to summon “him”. I guess he has a new guest to come to this war. I wonder who it will be. Anyway the third used the PFFTH to make quick work on these poor ninjas. At that moment Naruto realize that even though he has a strong defence there is a scar on his right shoulder area. Naruto then made a call to killer Bee who is taking a piss. I know big war and this man have to take a piss. Maybe he have prostate cancer. He asked the eight tails how he defeated the third and like scooby doo mystery Naruto had an idea. Now while I didn’t understand what he was gonna do I knew it was gonna be something smart. I won’t say what he did  but once you watch it you will be like “ooohhh right!”

I enjoyed these two episodes but still don’t know what happened to the old man and the water bullet to the back. I guess we will find out in the next episode. I said a mouthful this time around. I love Naruto Thursdays. Stay frosty!!!

Ubuntu Tablet



Sorry I am an avid Ubuntu user. I literally took windows off my Lenovo laptop. Not side by side but totally full on Ubuntu. I won’t lie I am really digging the direction Ubuntu is going. I also love the total rip from the Mac type commercial. White background with soft tones playing in the background. Tech guy talking about the device looking ultra geeky. That is totally Apple.

Let me just talk about the tablet for a second. The software in my opinion is very clean and productive. I know most people are not inclined to Linux. That they should be because it isn’t the most easy OS to work with. But with the way they are going the common man should know about them soon. I am very impressed with the multitasking features. Also the idea of making a tablet more like a PC. We all know the tablet wars are in full swing. windows 8, android and the top dog himself the iPad. So this will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Naruto Shippuuden 298 & 299 review


Itachi is a boss. I am officially an Itachi fanboy. Since I didn’t get to do episode 298 I will do both of them in conjunction.

So we start off with the epic battle between Naruto , Killer Bee vs Itachi, Nagato. Funny thing about this fight is that they are talking to each other like pals. Well in reality they are friends but being controlled by Kabuto. So while they were chatting up a storm Kabuto decided to end the chatting and get to business. We done know Nagato is real tool. Then you pair him up with Itachi. Killer team up right there. So Naruto and Killer Bee done in trouble.


So inadvertently in the heat of battle he used Amaterasu on Naruto. Then all of a sudden a crow came out of Naruto’s mouth!  Here we see the infamous Shisui’s eye. If you remember the right eye was on Danzo’s arm. Now if I understand the genjutsu used here is that whenever Sasuke was to use Itachi eyes against Naruto in anyway the crow would of came out and placed a genjutsu command on Sasuke to protect the village. There was a long flash back with that but the coolest part was when Itachi broke free from the reanimation jutsu when the genjutsu called the kotoamatsukami. EPIC. I tell you this man is a Boss. Unfortunately that Jutsu can only be used once a decade. So just like that he flamed up Nagato with Amaterasu and now the tables turned in Naruto Favor.

Which brings us to the next episode. Nagato reanimated and now being fully controlled by Kabatu went to work. Dude summoned 2 beast and then grabbed Naruto and began to take his soul. Now I won’t lie Nagato is real tool. This man make it look easy.


This is the part of the anime that made me giddy like a school girl. Just when Killer Bee and Naruto about to see dem maker The Boss come through with Sasanoo!! You think that is it. Nah man! Nagato used Planetary Devastation. Itachi was calm. Stating that every Jutsu have a weakness. All the while Naruto bawling like a lil girl. Mind you Naruto my boy but Itachi was just to cool.


Just after they destroyed Planetary Devastation the Boss followed up with his own sealing Jutsu technique used against Orochimaru. No one can beat Itachi. NO ONE!! Except the REAL Madara of course. But we leave that for another time.

All in all if you are a fan of Naruto and only read the manga… Check out the anime right now. It is getting real good. Till next time stay frosty!!