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New 128GB iPad Announced

I really believe that Apple is running out of ideas.

Tim Cook: What can we do to make more money from the iPad?

Intern: (jokingly say) Hey lets add more space

Tim Cook: Great idea!! Lets do it!

That is what I think they are doing now. I am sorry but I am hard pressed to think that Apple have resorted to this. Then to sell it for $799. That is just ridiculous. I saw this pic over at Google+. This couldn’t explain my feelings any better.

isheepI checked the comments below this pic on Google+ and it was all the same opinion. This is pure nonsense. Yes the more space is needed to do more but with such a steep price point with nothing new other than the retina display and more space. The OS is starting to show its age. No new innovation since Steve Jobs passed. I wonder what they will be bringing for us at the Apple WWDC 2013.


Muramasa: The Demon Blade PS Vita

Vita Owners rejoice!!!! One of the best games for the Wii is coming to the PS Vita. This game will look gorgeous on the Vita Screen. It is being released in Japan March 28th 2013. So you are wondering why I am rejoicing. Well the great people at Aksys Games will be publishing it for North America. Probably around the same time. This was the only game I played on my Wii. I am dead serious. I loved the animation and game style. It is good to see great games being ported to the PS Vita. So if you don’t own a PS Vita I suggest finding a friend who may still have a Vita and check this game out once it comes out.






VXG 2013 meeting


So my fellow gamers tomorrow January 30th 2013 @ the government breeze way @ 1:00 pm I will be meeting with all those serious about going to the VXG games. I will be talking about the games at the tournament and also other important details. Such as tickets and rooms. We will try to hold practice sessions at selected venues. You  know we got to keep our skills up. We also will try to answer any questions that you may have. So let’s be prompt and leh we do this thing.

Kevin Butler meet The Replacer!

OMG!!! I got tears rolling down my eyes!!! I can only imagine how far they can go with this!! Oh the new maps for Black Ops 2 are out…Loved the blind date sketch.. priceless.


Gotta love Hackers!

jackYou have to love it when hackers just wanna have fun. This was done with Jack_1011 playing Dayz. He added the song after. Best hack ever lol!

Naruto Shippuuden 297 review


Ah yes. I predicted that this episode would have been a Lifetime episode. Gaara and his father was basically the star of this episode. So much love was in this episode. Nearly got diabetes.

So what was in this episode that gave me cavities. Well let us start at the beginning. When Gaara was born he was premature. As the mother called for her child to kiss and love on him she died. So you know they already implanted the child with the (one tail). They saw him as a failed experiment. So you know they isolated Gaara. Just like Naruto they kept away from him like a disease. Making Gaara feel no love.

As a result they couldn’t figure out to control him and use him as a weapon. The father decided to test Gaara. Had his aunt to kill him. Then if she failed to tell him that his mother don’t love him. To add salt to the wound she even told him she decided to kill him. The same woman that cared for him and gave him some kind of joy. There was a touching moment when she explained to him the difference between a wound that bleeds then after a while heals. Then she went on to explain how the wounds of the heart hurts even more. Those take time to heal. Now you have to understand. Gaara never got cut. The sand always protect him. Even after his father try to kill him 6 times. Yes 6 times. Now if my dad try to kill me 6 times I would piss on his grave. Not Gaara. He forgave him. Yeah I totally wasn’t into all of that.

She know she was a dead woman attacking Gaara.

She know she was a dead woman attacking Gaara.

The bible says Father do not provoke your children to wrath. I guess he didn't get that memo.

The bible says Father do not provoke your children to wrath. I guess he didn’t get that memo.

So after all of that they spoke about how much have changed and blah blah blah fight start. Gold sand vs brown sand. The fight was quick also. Nothing there to make me remember anything. I will just say that Gaara need to upgrade his sand. Gold Dust is awesome.

The power of love.

The power of love.

So after this episode what can we be looking forward to. Well the next episode will be epic. Naruto VS. Itashi. Yes I said it. The baddest man since Hannibal. WOOT! I can’t wait!!! I mean when I saw the previews I got goose bumbs!!!! So this episode was a great backdrop to Gaara. So if you are a Gaar fanboy then this episode will be right up your alley. For me I wasn’t into this at all. Sorry. But I am so excited for the next episode Thursday need to come ASAP. Where is Doctor Who when you need him. Well till next time stay frosty!