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BF3 International BAD MAN!

Doing it real big is my boy the infamous Blake!! Repping the VI real big. He is putting the VI on the map in BF3. Best believe we bringing more videos for the world to know the VI ain’t no toy to mess with!! If you loving the track it is Benny-D. You can check him at this link:


Assassin’s Creed 3 Epic Launch Trailer

My wallet is gonna hate me….

Nexus 4

So as you know I am a Smart phone junkie. I will declare that I am not an iSheep. Sorry not one of those kind of people that will tell you buy an iPhone just because it is an iPhone. Not an Android Fanatic. What I do love is when a smart phone becomes an extension of my life. What I USE TO LOVE ABOUT THE iPHONE was the simplicity of everything. The sad thing about the iPhone is for me I love Linux. I know there are work arounds to run windows on linux. But really I am not that dedicated to an iPhone to do that. Also I like to share common things to my friends. Like pictures via Bluetooth. Something as simple as that is complicated on an iPhone. Sorry I live in the British Virgin Islands. We just got 3G. So no emailing a picture to a friend who is standing right in front of me. So when my friend Roy aka the SF4 champion linked this video on Facebook I knew what I am getting for christmas!! here is the video done by the Verge getting a inside look on the Nexus line of products.

I don’t know about you but I am soooooo digging the Nexus 4 phone. I mean with software like that I can blog on the go with ease. Some people who already have been converted to iSheep will say hey it isn’t apple it must be baaaaaad. I am not an LG fan but they really put some thought into that phone. Trust me I was THIS CLOSE to buying the Lumia 900.

 Yes the Windows phone. I know Linux and this phone is not friends. At ALL. Just the hardware of that phone was sooooo sexy and appealing. But once again tied down to Zune. Just like the iPhone tied down to iTunes. Just so frustrating to give up my love for linux just to keep my phone happy. So Android was my best choice. But alas there was no real Smart Phone that tickled my geek bones. Until now. The Nexus 4 look promising. Also I know of the Samsung Note 2. Was tempted but the size scares me. Literally. Thing is huge. I know it a cross breed between a tablet and a phone. Just not my style. So if you was like me and love linux but want a phone to just sync with your life online with no wires and work on any OS. Then check out the Nexus 4. Since it is a Google brand you know you will get the newest OS updates first. Trust me I own the HTC One X and they still have no jelly bean update as I write this. So I know what I will be getting this Christmas!

Cardiff aka Craigbot aka Lone Solider!!

Cardiff is to the left. The Lone Wolf fighting to put the BVI on the map!!

So you are wondering who is this young man. I did an article of him for the VGX Games a while back. Don’t worry the next one coming I will be there. To represent the BVI as well. But on the fighting game front he is doing it real big. He recently posted some videos of him fighting some other opponents in another tournament. Here are the matches.

Keep up the good fight my friend. One day I will pick up a fighting game and spar with you. Now if only I can put down Borderlands 2.

Need for Speed Most Wanted is coming!!!

This game is so under the radar that I nearly missed it. Thank God for the PSN store to constantly remind me that I can download this as it drops. Also to pick up a copy for the PS Vita. I won’t lie the last Need for Speed game was an Epic Fail. Made me feel bad buying that game. Now they said that customizing your car is back. Running from the Police is back. Look like they finally listened to the fans. We will see how this game does. For now all we can do is wait and see. I know I will be getting it for the PS Vita….God knows my Vita needs a racing game. This game will be available October 30th 2012 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PS Vita and PC. If you are in the BVI you can check Next Level Advantage Sales or Electronics and Varieties to order the game for ya.

Medal of Honor Warfighter: Multiplayer Review

The Score for those who are too lazy to read is 5/10. Wanna know why I drop the hammer on this game proceed.

Being an avid FPS fanboy I wanted this game to be good. I really wanted to write a very ecstatic Blog about the Multiplayer portion of this game. Sadly this game is not what they advertised. It was much less. So lets start on a good note by talking about the good points of the game and what they did well.

The buddy system is awesome. Nothing encourages team play than this. There would be times I am in Rambo mode and I see someone highlighted in red. Something inside of me stirs up and I have the urge to exact revenge! So extra points for that. Another thing they did well would be the maps. They are irresistibly awesome. Great for close quarters matches. Even some levels are good for those who love using the sniper rifle. That is about it for the positive.

Unfortunately there is a whole heap of negative. The top problem is the bugs and glitches. My first match I started falling through the floor. Three times I spawned under the floor. Then we have the weird instance of spawning behind the map. Yes there are points in the game where you would be running around like a lost hog trying to get back in the hog pen. Resulting in killing yourself to hopefully spawn in the right place. So the spawn is broken.

Next up we have the confusing menus. I know they had a patch before we played the game to fix the menus a bit but still a lil confusing. For example I did not know where to go to adjust my gun and other attachments. I had to play with the menus literally to know where everything is. Which in my opinion should be a bit more straight forward. I understand the whole Tier 1 operator soldier bit but I found myself wondering why every time I unlocked a soldier I would get info on my screen about it. Really don’t need that flashing in front of me when I have enemies in my sight.

The graphics is horrible. I don’t know if the PC version is better but I know the PS3 version is lacking. I am confused about the Frostbite 2 engine. In BF3 using the Frostbite 2 engine we see trees destroyed or falling down. Buildings breaking apart or collapsing. In MOHWF  no buildings collapsed. Trees are indestructible. I am really not impressed. I felt like I was playing a BF3 Demo. Really.

The sound is sub-par. I must admit I really was intimidated when a sniper rifle that isn’t silenced echo though the room in BF3. In this we have “realistic” sounds for weapons but they could’ve added a little bass for some weapons. I literally thought I was shooting a pop cap gun. Some would argue with me and say it is the real sound but I am playing a game not a simulator. If I wanted that I would go to the Army and use their training program. I want to feel the shots coming from my gun. Well to be honest the Sniper Rifle is useless in this game.

Which brings me to another problem there is no clear indication on how to unlock attachments for your guns. I kill people and do what I think is necessary for the match but I just unlock stuff. For a while now I am trying to understand the method to unlock a reflex scope attachment for my favorite gun. I click on the gun and it just say locked. No details on how to get it. Just locked. I checked the Battlelog and there isn’t no info there also.

Another annoying issue is the Mic. There would be times you and your friends would be in a room talking about tactics and other things and as the match begins nothing. You no longer could hear your friends. Then as the match is over magically they come back. Very frustration if ask me. Having gamers trying to figure out how to beat the glitch is not the responsibility of the gamer.

Then we have the elusive stats being erased. Spend a whole night getting unlocks, shut off your PS3. Turn it back on and WOW! Back to level 2. Epic Fail. That is a total buzz kill. I think they rolled out a fix on the server to fix that issue but really Danger Close. THAT IS WHY BETA TEST ON THE PS3 IS IMPORTANT!!

On a whole the multiplayer portion is just good. Not amazing. Not addictive. Just plain. Many times I found myself trying to convince myself that this game will grow on me. I guess after they bring out a patch to fix the game I won’t be playing the game. Just to broken right now. There was a game that was broken. It is called Socom 4. That game was hyped up but failed horribly. With big titles like Halo 4 and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 coming Danger Close was to make sure they had zero major game changing glitches. Many people have been on the fence with this game because of the first Medal of Honor. Which was very plain. Having a direct connection to Dice I thought some of the awesomeness that is BF3 would rub off. I was wrong. Nothing rubbed off. I will be playing the single player mode to see what they did on that front but as it stand the multiplayer part can do better. As it stand I give it a optimistic 5 out of 10. If they fix the problems I listed then the score will be much higher. Maybe an 8 out of 10.

So there you have it. What do you think? Do you think I was harsh? Do you think I need to be like the rest of the world and accept mediocre gameplay? Let me know!!